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anyone recognise them?

Lord Valtasar

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Those are NOT real My Little Pony products. They are generally called Fakies, which are usually deemed knockoff, cheaper plastic ponies.

You can usually tell by the eye paint/design and even by the symbol/cutiemark that they are very low quality compared to real MLP's.

Also Hasbro ponies in general will have some sort of hoof marking, they will be stamped on the hooves so you know they're offical hasbro product. Now that's not in every single case of something deemed MLP, there are a lot of rare variety or what is generally termed in the collecting community Nirvana, what we are talking is rare or unique ponies but the hasbro hoof stamping it's overall a good way to tell if it's offical MLP or just some junk. Also the hair quality on fakies is in a lot of instances pretty crappy. But again not in all cases.

But in this case what you have are knock-off fakie ponies that are not genuin MLP.

There are some collectors who like fakies or collect them and others who will be interested in certain fakies.

There was one that I'd love to have because the box was labeled Demon Donkey and it's honestly just funny as heck. I've found some pics online

that I'll put at the bottom. The pictures I found are knock offs of G3 ponies. Which if you look at them in box, they're fairly good knockoffs

even using some original offical MLP artwork on the packaging in some cases.

Most people who are not collectors can't tell, hell by dad has seen my MLP's since I started collecting in 1983/4 and he still

doesn't know the difference in a real MLP and a fakie. To most people who are either not collectors or not into MLP all

plastic toy ponies are MLP. But that is really not the case, especially when you consider the quality of most fakies, which

in general is pretty bad.





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