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Who was the first MLP character you discovered?


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Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Essentially, I was in a supermarket pink aisle at 1am looking for a toy unicorn for a friend (I wanted to get them a gift to cheer them up, but they had said they didn't want any alcohol or chocolates, and when I asked what they DID want, they said a unicorn. So there I was, at 1am, looking for a unicorn...)

The only unicorn in sight was twilight sparkle, so at 2AM, I was dropping off one unicorn, as requested.

Few days later, I got asked why the unicorn had wings (so yeah; it was really an alicorn, but I didn't know that at the time. In my defense, Sofia the first unicorns have wings, too)

Googled around a bit, found some sites online (including this one) and... yeah.


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I think it was trixie. In the avatar from a user of an adult modding community for TES. And that picked my curiosity. Especially the artstyle of the show. Then, I saw rainbow dash. And I thought she was the main character. My surprise when I realized twilight was actually the main character.
I have hated her since that day. There is no comparison with rainbow dash. Let me tell you. She is so distinctive, so unique, so corful and amazing. And more importantly, she is still herself. Something that cannot be said about twilight. Sorry, I lost the trail there.

But, yeah. I think RD is my choice for the most awesome pony of all time.

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The first character I really followed and understood was Fluttershy. The first characters I've seen and I can remember of are AJ and Twili.  I cannot complete exclude the possibility I've seen characters without remembering it

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Pinkie Pie was the first. Because my sister had a plushy that could’ve been life sized because the thing was huge. 

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It was either RD or Pinkie. Was through some fan animations about 6-7 years ago.

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