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What's up everyone? Just trying to get a gathering to post back and forth about the goings on in this week of the NFL! I'm personally a huge football fan and love talking sports with people. While I will focus on Pick Em's and Fantasy Football, feel free to discuss whatever you feel! So let's get to those games! 

Thursday night game: Jets @ Browns

I think the Browns get their first win of the season tonight, it's wierd to think the Browns are only a kicker away from being 2-0 right now... but now that they've addressed it, I think they pull it off tonight!

Sunday games

Bills @ Vikings

I think the Vikings respond with a win here, I think the Bills have too much to overcome with a broken Shady and shaky QB situation.

Giants @ Texans

I give the Texans the win, I'm a believer of Deshaun Watson!

Packers @ Redskins

I take the Pack, a young and improving defense gets the better of the Skins.

49ers @ Chiefs

Give this one to the Chiefs, I'll jump on the Mahomes band wagon!

Raiders @ Dolphins

I'm taking Gruden and the Raiders here, the offense looked great last week against the Broncos

Colts @ Eagles

Eagles, Eagles, Eagles! The return of Wentz is a big boost!

Titans @ Jaguars

Jaaaaags! I'm putting my money on them already to be the AFC Champs!

Bengals @ Panthers

I'm picking the Panthers in this match, but I believe this could be one of the better games of the week!

Broncos @ Ravens

Broncos win this one after a high energy game from last week!

Saints @ Falcons

Division rivals... Great teams, I'm taking the Falcons, but this one should be a shootout.

Chargers @ Rams

Todd Gurley is too much for the Chargers to bottle up, Rams take it.

Bears @ Cardinals

Bears all day... Cards haven't shown much promise so far.

Cowboys @ Seahawks

Cowboys run all day long, too much for the Seahawks this week.

Patriots @ Lions

Lions woes continue, Patricia loses to Papa Belichick

Monday night game: Steelers @ Bucs

Do you believe in Fitzmagic? I do! Bucs win here in a shootout.

So those are my picks for this upcoming week, post your picks and tell me why you agree or disagree with my picks! Thanks everyone!

Bonus Topic: Roughing the Passer controversy? What are your opinions from the call against Clay Matthew's for his hit on Kirk Cousins?










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