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Best Gift Ever - Who's gonna be whos Secret Santa?


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So during The Best Gift Ever Special, there's gonna be a Secret Santa thing going on between the Mane Six, Spike, and maybe Starlight, so in this blog we're gonna try to guess who is gonna be who's Secret Santa? 

Here's mine as an example:

* Twilight Sparkle --> Pinkie Pie
* Pinkie Pie --> Fluttershy
* Fluttershy --> Rarity
* Rarity --> Rainbow Dash
* Rainbow Dash --> Spike
* Spike --> Applejack
* Applejack --> Twilight Sparkle

If adding Starlight in it then:
* Rarity --> Starlight Glimmer
* Starlight Glimmer --> Rainbow Dash

So this is my guess! It's not very likely to all of them right, but let's see if we could get some of them right!

So what's your guesses? Try to keep it random! Try to do pairings that don't interact alot because that's more likely to happen! :D

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1 hour ago, FlareGun45 said:

@Steve Piranha @FirePuppy @Theanimationfanatic You brahs not gonna take any guesses? C'mon it'll be fun! It's like a little lotto without paying for it, and the only reward is you being here! It'll still be fun tho! :D 

Whoever brings a bat is best Santa :catface:

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