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I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in a thread based on Starbound. For those who aren't familiar with the game, it's a 2D spacey sandbox with a bunch of different species and the PC plays what's essentially a space adventurer - you tool around from planet to planet, mining, fighting interesting wildlife, building settlements or just places for yourself, raiding ancient dungeons in order to take their furniture and so on. It's generally pretty casual and doesn't take itself excessively seriously, and that's the overall theme I have in mind. I do have some ideas to make the whole thing more accessible, though, and I'm also interested in everyone's take on it.

1} It takes place five minutes into Equestrian future - a starship showed up, introduced the pony civilization to the cosmos, taught them how to build other spaceships and, using magic and industry, there's now the possibility for ponies, as well as other MLP species, to go into space. Overall, there wasn't much of a cultural upheaval caused by the first contact other than opening of new frontiers.

2} There's no reason you have to play as a pony, obviously - you can be a dragon, hippogriff, yak, breezie or a buffalo if you wanted to, as well as any Starbound vanilla, modded or any other race, up to an including penguins, really. We're not really sticking to canon more than we have to here.

3} Likewise, you don't even have to be the captain of a ship. You can play a crewmember, settler, stowaway, pirate - whatever suits your fancy.

4} The RP takes place after the plot events of the main game - i.e. Earth has been destroyed and so has the Ruin. You might hear about these events, but they've come and gone.

5} I might hijack some elements of the Frackin' Universe mod, especially in terms of the lore, as well as implementing bits of the pre-release lore - after all, it's a big universe and each of the races has multiple sides to it, and there's nothing to prove that either can be wrong - or right - in their interpretation of things. Plus, I'm thinking of implementing a bit of headcanon for various things as well.

What do you think?

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