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Which nations in our world would get along with Equestria and other nations?


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A giant portal opens in our oceans. We'll just say on our side it opens near the U.S. and on the Equestrian side it opens somewhere near Equestria. This portal will be miles long and really tall, a bit higher than high-flying planes fly.

Now, this forces the nations of our world and their world to start communicating.

Now this will pose some questions.

1. Which nations will get along?

2. Which nations would not get along?

3. Will Equestria gain a leap in technology?

4. Will our world find a way to use Equestrian magic?

5. What will trade look like?

6. What would scientists do?

7. Would some people move to Equestria and/or other nations in their world?

8. Would some individuals from their world move to nations in our world?

9. Would our world start creating education fields dedicated to magic?

10. Would this go into the history books?

11. How would this impact religion on both sides?

Feel free to add other things too.

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I don't think we can honestly answer questions 1 and 2 due to this portal's proximity to the US. Even if Equestria chooses to be neutral and friendly with everybody it's proximity would require it to depend on the US. If they don't like the US then they'll be cut off from the rest of the world. If they do like the US then they'll be forced to rely on them for protection as they'll gain enemies simply by association.

3. Most likely it will but I would expect it to be slow not only because of having to adjust to devices so advanced and foriegn to them but they'd need to compensate for physical difference. For example, how would an earth pony go about using a smart phone? They could hold it in one hoof and swipe with the other if they can even use their hooves on a touchscreen but then they can't walk. Special holders might have to be made and a stylus they can easilly grasp and put away with their mouths.

4. If we could then it'd be through magical devices such as enchanted objects or through newly developed technology that can harness and release magic but doin so in a controlled manner could take decades and would require full cooperation on Equestria's behalf. This could even require the dissection of several unicorns to understand their biology in this which would be difficult to ask for since that would put an immediate damper on relations.

5. If Equestrian bits are indeed solid gold coins then initially trade with them could go very well since they'd have decent bargaining power but eventually their gold would overwhelm the market and it'd depreciate in value. This would likely result in them going through the processes of developing a more modern style of currency and getting off of a gold standard or we'd figure out an exchange rate and just have them use something like the US dollar which if valued enough could even find itself being used in Equestria. Ultimately ponies aren't so adept for manufacturing products and those with magic who could probably still couldn't match machines and we have no idea what their actual resources look like. My best guess is they could export gems and apples to the largest buyer which would be china but that could upset existing trade deals for those goods. Equestria doesn't appear to have vast trade networks as of yet so they're not equipped for this. In their position they'd probably heavily import goods from us but they need to come up with a solution to sustain that.

6. They'd do what they always do. Study the unknown. The portal, magic, etcetera.

7-8. If permitted.

9. Specialized ones maybe but I don't think general unless we can develop devices as previously mentioned for harnessing and releasing magic. Perhaps we could make them familiar and portable with a modern day wand.

10. Most definately.

11. I don't think it'd effect the ponies very much. It's not exactly easy to spread faith in modern settings but perhaps from a community aspect it could find a following. I'm sure the portal and maybe even the raising of the moon and sun by the royal sisters in their world would be seen as a sign of some sort so it would be used in an attempt to confirm higher powers at work or a cult for pony goddesses would appear. I don't think it'd be very popular though from anyone's point of view.

I'd like to know what language they speak because the only time I can recall any character not speaking English was the Breezies and Pinkie Pie singing in Spanish but I could go through a relatively long list of cultural references that could indicate a connection to IRL locations/nations.

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99 pink balloons, soaring in the summer sky.
Panic bells! It's red alert! There's something here from somewhere else.

Yeeeah... chaos would erupt almost immediately and I doubt diplomacy could even start before one Earth military or another went and did something incredibly stupid.

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