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With the recent trailer showing and hinting that (with their version of Secret Santa being done among the Mane 6 and Spike)


Rainbow Dash got Fluttershy (I mean why would Discord want to tag along to help her), AppleJack possibly got Pinkie, just saying, seeing as through she has the rest of the Pie family coming to Sweet Apple Acres.  And (spoilish) Pinkie Got Twilight.  

The question now is who else got who, well here is my speculation on who else got who:

Fluttershy Got Rarity

Twilight Got AppleJack

Rarity Got Spike

And Spike Got Rainbow Dash.

To me, this makes the most sense for the direction they are going with for this special.  But hey, If I'm wrong, I'm wrong.  Although I think I may be on the button or close to it.


But what do you think?  Did you agree with my speculation, or do you have a different speculation on who else got who.

Let us know.  God Bless.

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I already posted this exact same post! :P


My choices are gonna be:

* Pinkie Pie --> Twilight Sparkle (confirmed via trailer)

* Twilight Sparkle --> Rarity
* Rarity --> Rainbow Dash
* Rainbow Dash --> Fluttershy
* Fluttershy --> Spike
* Spike --> Applejack
* Applejack --> Pinkie Pie

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