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October Events


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Keep your eye on the Calendar because we have a few fun things dropping this month. 


  • MLPForums celebrates its 7th birthday on the 3rd. 
  • Pinkie Pie and Applejack have special days this month
  • Nightmare Night Shenanigans. 
  • World Cup will hit a rapid and exciting conclusion by months end. 
  • Art Contest for October


Nightmare Night and October will be a cover of much mischief and tomfoolery all month long. A word of advice ....  run.





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Running would prove futile... as I have already embraced my inner darkness. :fabulous:

Jesting aside, I am quite looking forward to the events these coming months; the Holiday Season is always delightfully festive. :darling:

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2 hours ago, TwilySparky said:

Conclusion? Aren't there still 16 teams left to vote out each other?

Yes but remember the future and the past are the same in Tambelon

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