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Best equestria girls waifu


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If we judge a Waifu material by the character, the most dominant three options would be Princess Twilight, Humanborn Twilight, Sunset Shimmer.

The other five mane characters, I'm not interested in them because I don't equate them with the pony versions of themselves. They didn't had enough time to appeal to the audience as a character.

I would choose Sunset Shimmer since she has a good heart and she has lots of attractive external traits.

I mean, come on. I assume 90% of replies would be Sunset Shimmer.

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8 minutes ago, Ray_Knight said:

Why is waifu a thing?

Ehh... it's pretty complicated, and there's really no single reason for it. If you asked 100 different people why they have a waifu, you'd get 100 different answers. And also 100 different answers about in what way (if any) it has impacted their everyday life. Some of it is probably too touchy a subject because it goes into sociopolitical issues, and also some sexual ones. It would be a better discussion to have in the "Beyond Equestria" section.

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I just don't like their clothes. I am not much for extremely stylished clothes. I was looking at their dresses in the first Movie a few days ago, and I was asking myself: Is that necessary?


I guess this show is really aimed for teenager girls?

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Twiggles is my waifu in the actual show, so naturally she would also be my waifu in EQG. Sci-Twi is such an adorkable cutie! :adorkable:

I mean-check this out, they're both so freaking awesome! :wub:



Remember, you can never have too much Twilight! :P


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