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I had it laying in dust for days. It revolves around a boy of strange behavior who goes around different worlds befriending people. Most notably an ice princess with a pessimistic behavior. Here's an excerpt. 


Princess Icelle lied on her bed, slowly dropping her diary. Her seal, "Samsun" caught it, as it slept balanced on her nose. She slid her hands onto her face, "God my date will be late." she murmured. Suddenly the door opened, as a servant seal entered.

"Princess your father cancelled the date. In favor of a play date." The servant informed. The Princess got up in protest, then fell off her bed. Samsun's eyebrows raised, as he slid underneath his master. "What?! Who?" she gasped.

Suddenly from the door appeared a boy, in sightly ragged clothes. He didn't move a muscle, only his faded blue hair made him recognizable. "I'm Nate." he bowed, as the princess put on an unhappy expression.

"Why is he in my room?!" she fussed. Icelle got up, and saw Nate's slightly uncomfortable expression. She sighed, softening her expression a bit. Icelle figured Nate could very will be just as confused as herself.

"Now Nate we will take you two to a place with chaperones." The servant finished. She turned around, her hand on the door. Icelle's gains slowly rose.  "As if!" Icelle pulled Nate's arm.

Along the way he seemingly didn't mind too much. Well except when they stopped to see a muffin cart. Icelle's eyes sparkled. Nate rolled his eyes. "Can I get a Bran muffin?" Icelle asked.

"Oh my! When a muffin is in her mouth Icelle's irritability vanishes!" The servant said. Nate pointed to her name tag, it was labeled "Tarry." Icelle tucked Nate close, as she offered a muffin. He shook his head, and grabbed from his pocket a pudding cup.

"What? You don't wish to partake of Royal Muffins?!" Icelle slowly let go. Nate saw her confused expression, as he tilted his head. "These are recipes passed from King's and Queens." she murmured.

"It would seem he was simply offering the cup in exchange. It's rare to get an offer from a magic boy." Tarry suggested. Icelle's eyelids rose, though in slight obliviousness. "Magic boy?" she  asked.


Yeah I'm cringing too. 


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