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digital What I Drew for Pinkie Pie Day (and hopefully for related events)

Ganaram Inukshuk

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So someone mentioned that Pinkie Pie Day was a thing, so I hastily cobbled this image together; this is supposed to be a companion image for the image I was gonna enter for this month's art contest but I was gonna draw this anyway.

I have several more images related to this image planned, so watch out for updates to this thread; for now, the standalone image where Pinkie pie is pretending to be a k<spoilers>, but Sunburst isn't amused.


Some extra details regarding the image:

  • I have a habit of reusing the same items over and over again; this isn't out of laziness, this is because I value my time and I don't wanna draw the same thing over and over again; I do, however, change the colours or proportions each time.
  • This means the staff near the laundry machines, the style of the background and floor, the books, the candle atop the books, and even the barrel that Sunburst is using as a laundry basket have all been used somewhere in my older images before.
  • I also found out that Sun is a brand of laundry detergent, so why not rename it to Sunburst laundry detergent?
  • Also LG -> GG
  • The stick is Mudbriar's cutie mark; I considered going as far as to make yet another companion image where Mudbriar is asking Pinkie Pie for his cutie mark back.
  • Jeez, Sunburst, you have too many books that you're stuffing books in your washing machine...
  • This is also the first time I ever drew Sunburst...

EDIT: minor corrections to image (shadows were missing).

Edited by Ganaram Inukshuk
Minor corrections to image (shadows were missing).
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