opinions on my au pony's pets choices

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my ocs :)



image.thumb.png.19c7131359d894225456f0e3064737d2.pngsherri's pet kitty - ribbon    882325817_little_kitty_base_by_jeniac-d2ziehb.png.bd24e322d38a12518ba83042f0567cf8.png 



1624392314_5-earth_pony_base_8_by_equine_bases-d57ru4n(mio-s1).thumb.png.6fabdaa82bf5a5b28a860b07990e0cf3.png  mio's pet bunny - sugar        210768512_Untitled.png.c81e2e8fe402e2952c1ae63a2ad6d15f.png



996784083_1-sisterhooves_mare_01_base_by_selenaede-d9d8spg(miku-s1).png.a8d3a6fb3c8b3e581bcd354202390839.png miku's pet bird - maya 850360015_Untitled.png.3a8b0f6430187649231c2781c61f1a66.png



2077838412_22-ambrosia_base_by_selenaede-d5wmn16(himari).png.1378d589c5443db82d6fa02c7a32a184.png himari's pet racoon - meeko 1965435961_Untitled.png.4463675c80d3e861271a29908f56f50b.png


730835854_9-pegasus_base__1_by_funnysbases-d6my49f(emiko-s2).png.d48e018ec93a20dda5594c9edf79b2cf.png  emiko's pet skunk  - oreo 1348040365_Untitled.png.6c32415d653b6dd4e53b28b57f7dde8c.png   

*although i don't know how he's gonna keep up with her, since he can't fly... maybe like tank?... i dont know.. maybe emiko'll ask princess twilight to cast a spell to give him little pegasus wings or something :twi:*




1908759326_17-trader_pony_04_base_by_selenaede-d7gs2tk(hoshi-s3).png.9a7ebadeed2f45bc079e4a477872a275.pnghoshi's pet dog - choco (female)  332879955_Untitled.png.137d038da30cf2688ab98b0fbb680a7d.png



& my yet to be made pony/equestria girls person's pet -   chloe the dormouse - 831112333_Untitled.png.c929309251d673ae231427f20a962996.png  *although i'm not sure how she'd look in the show........  any ideas?*







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