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Has Mario broken the Law?


Should We Arrest Mario?  

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  1. 1. Should We Arrest Mario?

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Is there laws in the mushroom kingdom? Is there laws in any Mario World? Is there a law about doors leading into void in New Dong City? Is Princess Peach actually doing her job? WHY IS SHE NEVER THE QUEEN?! I know about disney and queen/princess good and evil stuff, but it's Nintendo!

So, no laws, no prison, except if you anger Peach, I think...

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The Mushroom Kingdom does have laws though they do vary from place to place. In this incident, I would see it as the player being a douche which also reflects on Mario given that he is the one doing this. Then again, if you enter the cabin, lose a life, or leave Cool, Cool Mountain, the baby penguin will re-spawn anyway thus resetting everything.

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While in this instance Mario is throwing a baby penguin off a cliff, several factors allow to return safely, as if nothing happened in the first place. Cool Cool Mountain is also it's own separate world, so we aren't aware if there are any actual laws that apply. 

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Just as long as you don't turn into another MatPat theorist who demonizes video game characters.

It's the player's choice,  NOT Mario that do these ridiculous nonsensical stuff.

7 hours ago, Usager said:

Guilty is the player, mario will go to prison aswell but the player is the mastermind behind that brutality.


This guy gets it. He understands how video game morality works.

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Technically, practically every video game character player is potentially a criminal by this ridiculous logic. Why is only Mario getting the shaft? 

There's a reason this trope exists: Video Game Cruelty Potential . It means you have a CHOICE to be bad. The video game world is supposed to be an acceptable break from reality.

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