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messy mane style ?

Angle Alastor

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So who doesnt like messy mane styles ? i mean i like original manes too but messy manes just gives them more of a personality to me , so anyways here is a few things for him ^^


NAME : DarkShadow


AGE : 28

COLORS :  BODY : light aqua  , MANE : maroon red and purple EYES : green

CUTIE MARK : umm i cant remember the emblem for one of the prestiges from cod :-P but maybe a shotgun with the orange 4 behind it ?

as for the request just one of those messy manes nothing to special umm i think thats about it not sure what else. :-D

ps. its basically a original mane from lyra as a part since i cant draw xD...if i did it would be all over the place lol.

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