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Video Fan Art Rules (Feedback, Shilling, and, Solicitations)


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Pitch your ideas in your thread not others - You are not to use another artists topic(s) to discuss your art unless you are doing to illustrate how they can improve. Their thread isn't about you. Do not be a shill as nobody likes that. You will be asked to cease one time. If it continues your access to reply to that topic will be removed. 


Do not solicit art from artists in this area - That can be done in Requestria and obviously for paid Commissions. This is not a place for you to beg for free stuff, and we have a section devoted to artists willing to sell their services. 


Feedback is only allowed if the artist solicits it - If you do not see an explicit request for critique, DO NOT GIVE IT. It there is no explicit request you may ask the artist if they want feedback. If the do not respond, or they decline, DO NOT GIVE CRITIQUE. Note that this does not apply to positive feedback, only critique. Note to artists, critique can be extremely helpful for you to improve. If you opt-in to critique, and that critique is respectful, do not become defensive. If the crique is abusive and toxic in nature, then report it and do not engage in a fight. 

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