Spoiler S09:E01+E02 - The Beginning of the End


There will be spoilers within so be forewarned! 

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  1. 1. Thoughts?

    • “Cozy Glow you silly pony. Be evil!” - Hated it
    • “Who you calling Cheeselegs?” - Not a fan
    • “Hey is that glowing sphere low calorie?” - It was okay
    • “Who the buck is Radiant Hope?” - Enjoyed it
    • Grogar! Ahhhhhh it’s finally Grogar ahhhh! - LOVED IT

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Saw Purple Pony, Twi'ing hard as she could Twi

what could I do?

My Pony's tree had gone, and left my Pony blue

Nobody knew

What kind of magic spell to use?

Starswirl's scales or Starlight's fails

Thunder or lightning

then pony said...


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I am so excited to see what Grogar has planned. He already seems like he will be a villain to not mess with.

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On 4/7/2019 at 4:09 PM, Nightmare Muffin said:

Season 1- Nightmare Moon breaks the elements in front of Twilight 

Twi: doesn’t panic. Me and my friends are the spirits of the elements! 


Season 9- Sombra breaks the elements and tree. 

Twi:  BSOD

Yeah she needs to stop Twilighting had before being given any governmental position. Maybe give her an episode with Mayor Mare to get her used to seeing how such positions are handled by her.

Ooo, that's a great idea! Maybe some law studies too, so she won't be surprised if an official come and control her.

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Surprisingly, I don't have a problem with Twilight freaking out here. With such a big responsibility put on her so soon, it makes sense that she'd react this way. Instead, I have a problem with everyone around her. Celestia and Luna at this point should know that putting such a big responsibility on Twilight with such little warning is a bad idea. And the ending just takes away tension from the rest of the episode and makes all the freaking out pointless. 

But my bigger problem is with the rest of the mane six. Apparently, nobody remembers the lesson of Lesson Zero since nobody takes Twilight seriously. They all brush off her very legitimate concerns by saying they can handle it because they've defeated bad guys. That makes no sense and Twilight doesn't really call them out on it. Just because they've been able to defeat bad guys doesn't mean they can handle the politics involved in running a kingdom. I just can't get over how insensitive and stupid the mane six aside from Twilight are. Not even Applejack realizes that Twilight might actually be right here and they all brush Twilight off as a joke. 

Speaking of jokes, I hate them. Most of them are about how often Twilight freaks out and how nobody takes it seriously anymore. The joke doesn't work because this is a situation where they should be taking Twilight seriously. Also, lamp shading like this only works if the problem the writers point out isn't that bad or if the writers are going to fix the problem, like Lesson Zero lamp shading Twilight having to give a lesson in every episode of season 1 and proceeding to fix the problem. Twilight freaking out all the time is a big problem and the episode obviously doesn't fix it since Point of No Return happens. And the rest of the jokes are pretty meh. Discord has a couple decent moments, but not enough to make up for everything else.

As for the story with Sombra taking over, it's really bland. Sombra has no presence because of his terrible voice and over the top design (there's a reason The Crystal Empire kept him as shadows for most of the episode). Also, the episode telegraphs very early that Sombra is not going to win since Grogar expects Sombra will lose and that removes tension. The only actually dramatic thing that happens is the Tree of Harmony being destroyed, but I don't really care about the Tree of Harmony. 

Overall, this is just another example of how MLP has gone from unique and charming kids show to generic modern cartoon. All this episode does is make me want to watch a better modern cartoon. 

Score: 3/10

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I think Discord was the best part of the episode for me. Having him be the one to be self aware and the troll at the end was great. 

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So here is an angle I would change. Instead of Twilight being handed the succession. Celestia and Luna reveal there were other candidates that the sisters have been grooming along with Twilight though separately and secretly. It would be a way to give Twilight some legit rivals. Succession cannot be handled over, it has to be proven to the populace one can lead with their trust. So Twilight's objective would be to put her friendship to the test to get support from the populace.

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I personally feel like this was an amazing start to the season. I had been hoping Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Chrysalis would come back in this season, so that was a pleasant surprise. King Sombra was so different than I expected, but I actually really liked the way he was portrayed. I really enjoyed how they addressed the fact that the princesses never helped, and I may or may not have cried a bit (a lot) when discord pretended to be hurt and gave that whole speech :,)

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