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World Cup 16 - Manehattan vs Dragon Lands

World Cup top 16  

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  1. 1. Who survives

    • Dragon Lands - Ember, Pear Butter, Buffy, Queen Novo
    • Manehattan - Rarity, Sassy Saddles, Coco Pommel, Tom

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12 hours ago, Denim&Venom said:

Seeing as my team has fallen and that no one is at the helm for Team Dragonlands, I officially declare myself the Moderator  of TDL, with @Sparklefan1234 as my coach. 

We are now rebranding this team as the Dragon Lands Coalition. 


i'm sure they're grateful for your guidance in these dark times we're all going through

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6 minutes ago, Fhaolan said:

Yeah, totally on board with Dragonlands here. I mean, the tsundere Ember *and* the unpredictable Buffy? Can't beat that.

@Jeric is going to hurt me though, for going against Rarity. Ah well, them's the breaks.

And you didn’t even mention Pear Butter! Fined!!!!

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3 minutes ago, Frostgage said:

Dragon Lands are keeping it surprisingly competitive early on. But I expect Tom and his fashion harem will be too much to overcome :mlp_pout:

Tom has a harem? Wow, he must be rock hard. B)

... don't tell Rarity that this is actually "Tom's team" though. You'll probably get quite an earful.

12 minutes ago, Oleks said:

Rarity and Tom in one team? I'm sold.


This could go badly for Tom though. If Tom's tendency to randomly look like a diamond persists in the dreamscape, the dragons might eat him!

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11 minutes ago, Bas said:

Dragon Lands. To me, Manehattan doesn't have anything special but Rarity.

Rarity stopped in her tracks, somehow able to hear what was being spoken, and turns towards the stands, focusing directly on Bas. "How dare you say Tom isn't spec--" She suddenly squealed, being slapped in the side of her face by the ball.

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So that's where Tom ended up. I should've known that he would be with Rarity once again given her obsession over him when she had been discorded. Granted, all Manehatten really need to succeed is Rarity given how popular she is, but it's not wise to underestimate the other members of the team. As for the Dragon Lands, Ember and Pear Butter have their respective fanbases while Buffy is a special case whose presence shouldn't be ignored. Queen Novo does need more attention so perhaps she will gain some long after this tournament has reached its conclusion.

Okay, so who will I vote for? I'll go with the Dragon Lands as I feel they are an underdog right now.

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Buffy against Rarity?


This is a severe personal dilemma! Like, the worst kind. Even if I've wondered if Rarity and marshmallows do have more than color in common, please don't blame me for my mind, and dearest Buffy...this is madness! Where do I reboot this situation? Where are my three lives after I blow up from the pressure. Grief!~

Buffy! I'm sooooo sorry! *sob*

Image result for rarity crying

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