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Is there anything you should be doing right now?


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Numerous things, actually...

  1. Applying for more jobs.
  2. Ruminate about my endeavors, regarding higher education.
  3. Planning my days more thoroughly.
  4. Improving my penmanship.

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. This list only reaffirms one of my life mottos: "Lethargy is incongruent to a fulfilling life."

... Yet, here I am. :mlp_pout:

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Not really... I’ve been primarily trying to save some money as my main focus. Work and trying to get as many hours as I can even though it’s part time. I have future things planned ahead but right now I need to save a lot of money up.

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I should be writing papers, rewrites drafts, ects..

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  • I really need to shower (I'm beyond nasty right now) but it's not even 60°F in the house...
  • I should be testing my pet project, a tabletop game, but I need tape and can't f***ing afford it... Yes, I can't afford SCOTCH TAPE!
  • I should be getting help for my problems instead of forcing them on other people, but I can't.
  • I should be applying for a job or for disability, but my transportation doesn't work, and I still haven't been diagnosed with anything, let alone with Asperger's...
  • I should get more consistent sleep, but the combination of stress and depression makes me either sleep for half the day or 4 hours...
  • I should be trying to get out of this house, but my dad keeps shaming me into thinking that I can't and should just kill myself (of course he never specifically told me to kill myself, but may as well).


But watching TV and posting here is apparently more important than any of those things... Oh well.

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I definitely should just play some video games, to take my mind off things... but I didn't play anything for more than a 5min almost for a year now. so I just work, listen to the music and trying to ease my mind here on forums.


so thank you all, for being here. It's my happy place for sure.

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