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80s Rock Style Song for Rainbow Dash


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This is something I've always thought about, but rarely talked about - the choice of genre of songs in this show. But looking at Rainbow Dash, how her voice works, and looking at her pride, I can see her singing a song in the series in the style of Pat Benetar or Joan Jett! Some very strong feminine style 80s rock and roll! Even the kids that watch the show would love it probably!

Not so sure about the main series of this working, but in Equestria Girls, FO' SHO! It would be nice break from the pop-style songs, and go back to good ol fashion rock and roll like back in Rainbow Rocks! If Daniel, or someone, were to make a 80s style song for Rainbow, it might be considered a huge fan-favorite, so much, it could win awards! Not many people make 80s-style songs anymore so it's a nice treat! I mean it COULD happen in the main series, but who knows? Who... *flicks nose* ...knows? 

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I kanda thought of a possibility of Rock'n Roll song in the show, but the closest thing we got is Rainbow Rocks and I'll Fly, Rainbow Dash's theme BGM and Gilda's theme. (and Rarity's shredding I guess)

I remixed Flawless before in rock n' roll style thinking exactly of I Love Rock n Roll by Joan Jett check it out if you're interested.




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I think they should give Dash a straightforward punk rock or hair metal song. I also think they should give Pinkie Pie a gangsta rap song. The rock songs and rap verses we’ve gotten so far have been more on the pop side of the spectrum, and I don’t mind that at all, but some more experimentation would be rad.

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There's actually a pretty big synthwave revival movement going on right now in indie circles. A couple artists named Kristine and Dana Jean Phoenix closely resemble Pat Benatar's sound.



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