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Septuple Threat (world ending scenario)

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One day, Princess Skystar visits Ponyville to meet Pinkie Pie and Silverstream. At that moment, Gabby was also visiting Ponyville to meet the CMC's. The CMC's wants to introduce her to Pinkie since they would get along with each other. Meanwhile, the leader of Kirins also visits Ponyville and Autumn Blaze follows just to see Applejack and Fluttershy. When they met, Applejack wanted to introduce her to Pinkie. Then, Cheese Sandwich and Party Favor happened to met at Starlight's village and comes to Ponyville. And suddenly Pinkie Pie suggests a goof off. And... they suddenly started combining to become a Draconequus with different animal limbs. That's how the world ended. (Pinkie Pie + Silverstream + Princess Skystar + Gabby + Autumn Blaze + Cheese Sandwich + Party Favor) Twilight brings Maud and Mudbriar to cancel out the energy, but they brought Boulder and Twiggy, and...

pt.2, Boulder, Twiggy, Mr. Turnip, Madame le Flour, Boneless 2, Shelly and Sheldon, Autumn Blaze's hoof puppet, Brian junior meets. The whole universe exploded and the impact was sensed in Discord's dimension.

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