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Big Bang Theory has always felt like it was made as a very sneaky assassination on the very concept of humor itself. I have watched several episodes and have seen many clips and not ONCE has the show EVER made me even chuckle slightly. The characters are all horrible and extremely stereotyped. The writers seem to think that simply acknowledging 'nerd culture' is somehow the funniest shit in the world. Being a 'nerd' became completely normal a long time ago but this show still tries to pass it off as being this super awkward and quirky thing that is supposed be hysterical. Instead it is a nonstop cringe-fest of trash. So glad that the show will finally meet its end in 2019, but that is many years too late. 

I also hate any and all 'Blank's Got Talent' shows and any shows related to them. These types of shows have several problems but the biggest ones to me are these: Firstly, they always focus around something that is involved in showboating, being as flashy as possible or as attention seeking as can be. While those types of professions are totally fine, it diminishes respect and appreciation towards the many talents that you can't flaunt endlessly on some grand stage, like painting or being great at science, or anything in between. It is all about that attention seeking. Secondly, it all plays into something I cannot stand about this society; Celebrity worship culture. With everyone in these shows trying to be as showboaty as possible and the fact that you will see acts shared all over, it just seems like people don't appreciate what they did, but rather they are going nuts over the fact that other people are going nuts over it. Treating the people on display like gods when they probably didn't go anything that deserves such extreme love. Should they be respected for their abilities? Sure, go for it, but it all feels more akin to when everyone obsesses over their favorite rich celebrities lives rather than appreciating what that person does. Considering many people worship people that basically do nothing, like the Kardashians, to me it shows that people don't care about the talent involved, just the worship culture that goes into it all.

I also cannot stand pretty much all reality shows, somehow millions of people do, but the ones I hate the absolute most are reality shows that focus on the lives of rich and famous people, as if we are supposed to care just because they are rich and famous. Treating certain people like gods just because they have fame and a bunch of money. Again, total celebrity worship culture. Just irritates me.

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I just cannot take Robert Lee, the show's narrator! I'll rip my ears off before I watch that show again.

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