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Realm of Equestria Is very newly started up PonyRP/DarkRP the theme being MLP. We server with custom content for map. Fully ponyfied town for you run around in with your very own pony OC. Made in the player curator mod PPM2 and further customization with use of PAC3. Map is actvily being work on by Sig Hoovestrong and Jes. Jes being the owner and also guy in charge of most game addons being use on server. 

We are looking people just like to hang out mostly and have some casual chill RP ones in awhile. In style of every thing from Ponies just living there town live to conflict RP between the government faction and the criminal faction. Many other ways you may RP on server but first check with server rules first before starting anything. In a sense it's a playground people come to gather just meet up with some friends and have some fun to gather our meet new interesting people. 

Server Rules (recommand reading)


General Rules (Applies to discord, forum and server)

  1. Be respectful to all players.
  2. You choose how you act in roleplay. However out of character you may not harass, bully or insult any other player.
  3. Threatening or harming other players within the community is prohibited.
  4. Do NOT speak any other language but english within the server, this is an english server. You may speak your native language when you are alone with friends/people who speak your language.
  5. You may NOT discuss political matters within the community.
  6. Do NOT use religious, political or NSFW (Not safe for work, pornographic imagery or highly offensive content)
  7. Do NOT try to avoid a punishment from a staff member nor complain about it in the Out-of-Character chat. Our staff are here to have fun with you. However, a staff member always have the final say when it comes to rule interpretations, this MAY include those explicitly not stated in the rules. If you wish to complain about an admin, please do so on our website, do NOTcomplain about admins on our discord or the steam group. (http://realmofequestria.com
  8. You may NOT take advantages of bugs found within the server. This is NOT fair to all the other players and will be punished.
  9. You may NOT use any kind of hacks or scripts.
  10. Do NOT bait or encourage other players to violate rules.
  11. Do NOT act like troll or a minge.
  12. Use your common sense.

Roleplay and Server Rules

Section 1.0 - General Roleplay Rules

  1. Do NOT kill any other player without reason, this is considered Random Death Match (RDM)
  2. Meta-gaming is prohibited, this means that you may NOT use any information that goes beyond your characters roleplay knowledge. This also applies to information from any third-party program or the Out-of-Character chat
  3. Players directly harming or hurting, you may kill without a warning.
  4. Players trespassing on your property must be warned before you are allowed to kill them, unless they're raiding you or harming you.
  5. Do NOT Random Arrest (RDA). To arrest someone you must have a valid reason.
  6. After dying you may NOT return to the death of your location or participate in any roleplay event for 10 minutes (You may go back to the death of your location, however you may not participate in any roleplay related to your death). This is called New Life Rule (NLR).
  7. If you die, you may not use the act of revenge to kill the player who killed you.
  8. FearRP means that you must value your roleplay life and under a death threatening situation you must fear for your life. You may fight back if you possess weapons, unless you are held at gun point without you having your weapon out from the start of the roleplay initation.
  9. If you must leave roleplay for a short period of time, you must let the others related to your roleplay job know. If you are AFK (Away from Keyboard) for more than 10 minutes, you may risk being demoted.

Section 2.0 - Roleplay Initiation and Events

  1. All roleplay initation and events must be adverted in chat such as /advert (Roleplay Initation or Event)
  2. Players assisting in roleplay initiations and events must also advert in chat /advert (Roleplay Initation or Event) assist
  3. You must always give people atleast 10 seconds to act upon roleplay initiation (For example if you are mugging somebody)
  4. When mugging a player, you may only demand 500 bits or less.
  5. Hostage ransoms may not exceed 5,000 bits for a civilian, 7,500 bits for a royal, and 10,000 bits for a Prince/Princess.
  6. Once you've completed a raid, you MUST leave the area immediately. You may not take over the base or occupy it after the raid.
  7. You may only commit crimes as a changeling or thief.

Section 3.0 - Props and Entities

  1. Prop/Entity spamming, blocking, climbing, surfing, and minging is prohibited.
  2. You may prop climb/surf it it doesn't give you a roleplay advantage.
  3. Do NOT spawn or move props into properties that you do not own.
  4. Do NOT have floating props/bases unless it is possible for others to reach them.
  5. Fading Door Abuse (FDA) is prohibited, this means that you may not have more 2  or more fading doors in a row, etc.
  6. Fading Doors must have a keypad/button on both sides of the fading door.
  7. Fading Door keypads/buttons must be in the same room as the fading door and it must be in reach of the player.
  8. Stream Radios may NOT be used to play loud and obnoxious music in public.

Section 4.0 - Basing and Building

  1. You may use a textscreen to protect yourself from roleplay while building. This must be removed when you are finished.
  2. Bases may only have a max of three fading doors.

Job Rules

Section 1.0 - Background Characters, OOC and Private Roleplayer.

  1. As a "Background Character", you must roleplay. Do not try to avoid roleplay situations or say that you don't want to participate, there is an OOC and Private Roleplayer job for a reason.
  2. As an "OOC (Out-of-Character)" or "Filmmaker" you may not attempt to roleplay or initiate on other players, this also means that other players cannot touch you either and you cannot touch them.
  3. As a "Private Roleplayer" you are excluded from any form of interaction by other players who are not roleplaying privately with you. Players outside of your private roleplay cannot touch you with this job and you cannot touch them.
  4. You may not "Sandbox" (Make Contraptions, Prop Surf or just generally goof) in any other job but OOC.
  5. If you play as any other job than Background Character, OOC, Filmmaker or Private Roleplayer, make sure you actually do something as the job you're playing as.

Section 2.0 - Royals

  1. If you are going to roleplay as a royal, make sure you do your job properly
  2. The Prince/Princess has ultimate authority over the royals.
  3. The Prince/Princess must place laws and write laws for the players to follow (Within reason of course).
  4. Changelings and Royals may NOT work together without a valid roleplay reason.
  5. Checkpoints must be authorized by the Prince/Princess.

Section 3.0 - Vendors

  1. Do not scam. "Vendoring" encompasses all trade and transactions, even while not being a vendor job, done via (PM)(YELL), and (CHAT). If you are scammed after free hand gambling with other players on the server or via transactions not found in non-global chats (ADVERT), you are completely on your own.

Sever Address

Steam Group https://steamcommunity.com/groups/realmofequestria

Webpage http://realmofequestria.com/

Discord https://discordapp.com/invite/rGchHAg

Addon List http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1316285269 (Recommended strongly to Download before joining the server)

Edited by Sig Hoovestrong
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