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Critiques of The Last Roundup

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What's wrong in this episode is,

  1. Applejack runs away from her family without explaining exactly why.
  2. She doesn't lie.

These are a total opposite of what Applejack is about. Because she is about family and honesty.

When she writes a letter she can't come back home and doesn't tell why, it was because she failed to win a medal to earn money for the town hall. Well, first of all, one of the things you shouldn't do to your family is to disappear without telling them why and cutting contact with them. That's next to murdering them, abusing them, killing yourself, child abandonment, running away from home and it also shares some aspects of those. Thank god Applejack was OK, it worried her family and friends so much. And for Celestia's sake, she has dead parents. We don't know how they are all gone, but she should know better how it is important to be there for her family, and even when things get tough they can get through it all together.

This would make more sense if it was Rainbow Dash. (Well, Applejack is the last character in the whole show to do so.) Rainbow Dash cares most about winning, the one thing differentiates Rainbow most with Applejack is her ego. Rainbow Dash would easily think anything but the gold medal would be useless. Losing the game will crush her. But her royalty would make her to do things to help the town hall anyway. (I was honestly surprised by her attitude when she said she wasn't considering for being the 1st in flying at Equestria Games.) She would try to find a quick way to fix it without her friends knowing it. Rainbow Dash is a kind of pony who fills a hole in a dam with a hoof.

Later on when Applejack's friends find her, she doesn't lie about she would tell them the whole truth at breakfast. (She still doesn't tell them about the truth while she showed pretty much everything in that point what's going on and has no reason to hide the truth. It was an unreasonable plan in the first place to not show up and write a letter while she makes money at the cherry factory, but she keeps doing unreasonable things that doesn't apply to that plan's internal logic.) Then she gets caught sneaking out of town. She explains that she didn't lie because she told them she would tell the truth at breakfast, while she wasn't at the breakfast. This is pretty low. First, she is the element of honesty, so she should have more high moral standards about honesty than some lawyer. She surely knew what her friends thought and they agreed on something while Applejack clearly knew what they all meant. She tricked her friends knowingly so. She didn't tell a lie. That's what Discord or Loki would do. That is kind of what the devil would include in his contract. Being honest means much more than just not telling lies. It goes further than that to the point of correcting her friends when they are being wrong, doing what her conscious says, even when it hurts them or upsets them in a short term. She should aim at right things and pursue it in a right way.

What are your thoughts on the episode or the moral standards of Applejack? Let me know what you thin.

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Made some adjustments to your title so it fits with a discussion forum and less like an editorial. Editorials and reviews should be blogs or in the specific episode discussion. Topics that allow a wider range of views belong in a forum. :)


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