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Is this image actually real?

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So, I was looking through my feed on YouTube and I came across a video of Dr. Wolf talking about this image that he found on a pony news site of the official boxart of the Roller-coaster of Friendship/Forgotten Friendship in the UK. I would just like to ask around if you guys think that this is legit. I have bought a bootleg of Pokemon Diamond (the actual one not the telefang one, I think) and from the looks of this boxart it is pretty similar to that in appearance. The image that I have is the only image that I have of this. I did not buy the dvd myself and i do not live in the UK. I haven't even seen the thing yet, but this is pretty strange. Is Dr. Wolf even in the movie? So, yea. I would like to ask if this is actually real. From the looks of it in the image, it could exist in the real world but might be a bootleg of the movie itself (why anyone would want to bootleg it though is beyond me). Here is the image and the link to the video which Dr. Wolf is talking about it.


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10 minutes ago, ggg-2 said:

How would something like this even happen? :huh:

From what he said in the video, it was mostly done by someone who was careless and just google searched the image.

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Though, wouldn't that be a art crime if this were official. They took the OC of someone and if Hasbro did this of all companies then they are infringing copyright laws, even if it is in the UK. If this were a bootleg this would make sense. But, again, without the whole image you cannot tell.

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Why would one character be drawn in a totally different style, by someone that was obviously a totally different artist. (With lesser talent) The image is a screen capture from the video. The extra character is extremely obviously pasted in via Photoshop.  I would say that someone did this to tag their bootleg product. That is, if it isn't just simply a hoax. This is why I don't like buying DVDs online. I have been stung with poorly made bootlegs.

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19 hours ago, PrismaWatercolor said:

What would he be doing there...? o-o

He was always part of the show. You are all suffering from the Mandela Effect, luckily I'm from Universe B and can help you on your way.


Btw I hope it is worth a lot on eBay for you guys who snagged it.

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