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Smith family descendants? (speculation)

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In the 'Best Gift Ever' special we were introduced to a new family of farmers, The Acorns.


We hadn't heard about them before, but we know they live in a farm nearby to Ponyville.

So, what's new about a seed based family? That it isn't the first one! Back when Granny Smith told the Ponyville foundation story, she introduced us to her own family, The Smiths.


And one of the curious facts about her family is that it was not apple based. Granny's father was a seed collector, his collection was so wide that Princess Celestia offered him land so he could plan his seeds. 

So, could the Acorn family be a recent branch of the Smith family? 

I'd like to read your thoughts about this speculation. 

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A few things I've considered after coming up with my speculation...

  • Granny's father cutie mark is a mix of seeds with an acorn nut as its center seed.
  • The Smiths had two adult stallions (Granny's possible uncles or older brothers) whom we don't know enough about, there's a chance for them to have started non-apple branches of the family using some of the unused seeds to grow new crops.

I know the whole thing is a very long shot, but should the speculation be true, then there's another interesting thing to consider.

  • Oak trees grow from acorns, we even have Oak Nut as the head of the family. Besides Oak Nut we have a Ponyville resident with the name Burnt Oak, could they be related?
  • Maybe there's an Oak branch from the Smith family and the Acorn branch came from said Oak branch. 
  • Should all of these derivative speculations be true, then Burnt Oak would not only be Bright Mac's best friend, but they would also be first or second cousins from the Oak and Apple branches of the Smith family.
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