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Thank the Person Above You


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Since it is now the month of Thanksgiving, November, there’s no better time to show our gratitude and appreciation of others around us. :mlp_smug: :)

The way this game works is simple. Find something you like and want to thank the user above you for, even if its seemingly trivial or silly. It can also extend to others to, but must include the user above.

 Since this is the OP, I’ll start by saying The mlpforums staff, all its members and those who support us have my utmost thanks for providing us with this fun, open, and welcoming community to not just enjoy a great show, but to hang out and spend time with others and ahare our thoughts, emotions and ideas. 

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@Twilight Luna 


Thank You for being an awesome friend & for contributing so many terrific questions to my "Ask the Mane 6 & TGAP Trixie" topic! 


@TBD Thanks again for being such an awesome friend! 

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You got ninja-ed my friend :orly:

Thanks for letting my comment getting post first.

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Thanks for still keeping the halloween spirit on, now that's devotion! 

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