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Books canon to the show?


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In an official book, called Ponyville Mysteries: Peryton Panic, Luna recalls the time when she turned into Nightmare Moon. During her transformation into Nightmare Moon, she had created a helmet from her turbulent emotions called the Helm of Shadows. When the Mane Six returned her to normal with the Elements of Harmony, the Helm was too powerful to be destroyed and remained intact. Fearing that others would be corrupted by its power, Luna and Celestia buried the Helm in the Everfree Forest and sealed it inside an enclosure of living forest: the Livewood. They also created the Timberwolves and summoned the peryton to guard the Livewood.


now this is interesting,  because in episode 2 of the series, after Luna is freed from NMM, the onething we don't see among her broken armor was the helm Nightmare wore (the book details that the in tact helm was off in the corner after NMM's defeat)...does this book imply that books are canon to show itself?

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