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Your favorite new characters from season 8?


Favorite New Character  

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  1. 1. Favorite new character introduced in season 8

    • Gallus
    • Silverstream
    • Ocellus
    • Yona
    • Sandbar
    • Smolder
    • Chancellor Neighsay
    • General Seaspray
    • Mudbriar
    • Terramar
    • Firelight (Starlight's dad)
    • Stellar Flare (Sunburst's mom)
    • Cozy Glow
    • Hoo'Far (Saddle Arabian)
    • Loose Tracks (THE END OF THE LIIIIIINE)
    • Autumn Blaze (best kirin~)
    • Sludge
    • Other
  2. 2. BONUS: Favorite new character from the holiday special "Best Gift Ever"

    • Pistachio
    • Oak Nut and Butternut
    • Aurora (Reindeer)
    • Bori (Reindeer)
    • Alice (Reindeer)
    • Other

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All right; so we've had a decent amount of new characters introduced to us this season. Whether it's the Student 6, the ever popular Autumn Blaze, the patient Hoo'Far, the much-hated Neighsay, or the clinically insane Cozy Glow; season 8 feels actually quite fresh partially thanks to a lot of these new arrivals.

Also added a bonus question for the holiday special. ;)

So; who was your favorite? My top three were definitely:

1. latest?cb=20180901033928

2. latest?cb=20180328224846

3. latest?cb=20180818032708

My honorable mention being:


As for the holiday special...well; you know~


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I haven't seen all of season 8 but Sandbar is cute new stallion pone. So he gets my vote. Second place would be to Firelight. I don't exactly know why, there is just something really funny about him. His lines towards starlight might have been a tad cringey, but I enjoyed them, in a weird way. Probably because he is being all cutesy to a pony who previously was basically a psychopath. He also called her 'Punky Wunk'. I agree with this.

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Although I like Autumn Blaze, I voted for Yona, because she's been in more episodes and hence brought me more joy overall. Also, Smolder really  grew on me over the course of this season, but Yona was precious from the start.

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9 minutes ago, Sparklefan1234 said:

Ocellus & Pistachio are my two new favorite characters from Season 8/The Best Gift Ever. 

Exactly those two are my choices too! :yay: While I like all of the Student 6, as well as Cozy Glow especially for the contrast between the first impression she gives and her real personality, Ocellus is my favorite – one of the sweetest characters in the entire series, and I've also liked her various transformations! :) And Pistachio was also adorable – and how could I vote against him as a Rarity fan? :D

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Most of them are my favorite. I even consider Cozy Glow to be one of the more dangerous villains ever in the show.

Of course, since I can only choose 1, I went with Ocellus for her being a Changeling, well-read yet shy (like me, Twilight and Fluttershy), her worst fear hinting at her having a dark and troubled past, and her literal interpretation of Heartswarming had me ROFL!

Autumn Blaze having the most votes as of this post is no surprise. She's so much fun.

For the Bonus, I went with Pistachio,  due to his kind and gentle personality and his acorn farm and familyseems quite quaint. 

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I love how Autumn Blaze is, like, leading the poll by a landslide.

In no particular order:

The Student Six

Chancellor Neighsay

Autumn Blaze

Sludge (a.k.a "Dad Bod Dragon")



Honorable Mentions:

Firelight & Stellar Flare (they're more or less the same but opposites so they're a tie for me XD)


I have not seen the holiday special yet.

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I voted for Gallus. His backstory in The Hearth's Warming Club sealed him as my pick for my favorite Student 6 member...and Autumn Blaze is getting all the love she needs. :laugh: Funnily enough, I picked Pistachio for Best Gift Ever characters not knowing he was the favorite, so it feels good to unwittingly be a slave to popular opinion after all. :yay:

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Yona is my favourite. Yak is best. 

Y'all really like Autumn Blaze, huh.

Anyway, Pistachio is surely my favourite from "Best Gift Ever." Might just be one of the best tertiary characters in the show's entire run. Wouldn't mind him joining the next season as Rarity's apprentice or something. 

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I LOVE Cozy Glow! She's such an original and fun character. I liked her even before she went bad, but even more when she became the unexpected classic villainess she turned out to be. I'm crazy about Autumn Blaze too. She's a really well done character with a distinct personality and terrific singing voice. I hope to see more of her in Season 9.

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