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Morale of Naruto story


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From what i understand. The morale is in main principle "WARNING SPOILERS"


But its about




Revenge. Like its about some guy, who gets so full of hate, he is on the point where he cant return to a normal life, is consumed by hatred one after another. And Naruto is like the guy who try to supress his hatred to get his friend back to normal.

Suprisingely. Better story told than "count of Monte Cristo" i mean i like the movie from 2002... But what do you expect? I mean the guy got tricked by his friend, was in jail. Of course he wants revenge. I mean i dont see the morale of the story?. Like he didnt pick family over vengeance? Ok.. how about this. Get revenge then go to the family.

Like i just think Naruto in comparison atleast makes sense because its the evolved form of hatred that can destroy your very core to the point where you are beyond redemption. I think it is a good story honestly.

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The core story and morale of Naruto is pretty good though how it was presented and adapted into the show/manga is something else entirely. For me personally watching through Narutp felt more like a chore than it should have. I mean the premise was really good and interesting at the beginning but around the halfway point it had already run dry for me. It didnt draw me in anymore.


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