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Theory on Equestrian Electricity and Magic


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Ready for some Equestrian Conspiracy Theory? Too bad, let's go!

So I noticed a fanart of Pinkamena in the road and there were electrical wires - something we never seen in Equestria (yet?)! So I wonder... how does electricity work in Equestria? Most of the lights in the homes are real lights with bulbs, so how are the lights powered? Do they get powered by unicorn magic? Or is the magic already within the light? Maybe magical power generators... that are wireless? Who knows? How about Vinyl Scratch's stereo? That's powered by SOMETHING! 

It makes ya wonder about magic in general. I consider magic just some sorta advanced chemistry that's evolved within the ponies in their genes - same with magic within any mythical being, or wizards. It's like Bioshock with the plasmids - people can shoot lightning outta their hands because of advanced chemistry. Science can be pretty confusing within these sci-fis (yes, I consider MLP a sci-fi at this point since it pretty much takes place in an alien world runned by horses). This isn't anything the show is gonna bring up on, but it does give me ideas for my own stuff!

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Power lines are a hazard to flying Pegasi so I imagine they opted for underground wiring where they could. That's my reasonable short explanation.

I'm not sure about which light sources are used most commonly because when Twilight still lived in her treehouse I don't think we saw anything besides her use candles when she was reading alone at night. I like to think candles, lanterns, some fuel based some magic based, and natural gas are still the primary sources of light in places such as Ponyville but as of right now we can't be certain.

Someone do some digging on light sources so we can examine!

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