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Making Christmas Merrier VI Announcement


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Making Christmas Merrier VI

I never get tired of telling this story. Back in 2011 a status update from a well meaning user caught the eye of the Great @Feld0. This user wanted to leverage the generosity and charity of the Brony fandom and the holidays and do some sort of fundraiser. Well the staff at the time did just that. The MCM was born. Over the five previous years the Making Christmas Merrier charity fundraiser has evolved. The staff continues to find new creative ways to embarrass ourselves for the good of others. We've worn cosplay, sung, had rap battles, read for you, been banned, had pies shoved in our faces, all for charity. 


Welp, the crazy continues. Making Christmas Merrier is returning on November 24th to run through Christmas Eve. We will have a $2000.00 goal with the proceeds benefiting the British Columbia Children's Hospital. Many of you are new so you haven't yet experienced this sort of event. The launch post with go into a lot of detail such as how to donate and so forth, but in general there will be a series of stretch goals that have perks and prizes as we meet them. As we reach $50 as a community, something new unlocks. $100 something new unlocks. Some will be giveaways that benefit donors, some will trigger polls and events like forcing a staffer to singe a pony song, and other amusing (and hilarious) tasks. Some will open benefits for all users. Ranks, badges, emotes, reactions, holiday parties on Discord Chat, embarrassing follies, marathons, and more await us this year. Some users will actually be able to volunteer along with staff to receive the love of the community. I hope you all like pie!



So ... see you after Turkey Day. :D



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If i can sing or read something, i am all in.

I already plan to dedicate my reading sessions to christmas stories. :)

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