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Headcanon for the PheNOMNOMenom cart ponies


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I love these girls (who appeared in IDW Friends Forever comic #12), and admired their Japanese inspired fashion trends (lolita) they displayed. Unfortunately the comic they're in doesn't give them much of a history or backstory, so I decided to make my own, based off of another MLP line, called the Takara ponies and some rl influence....




The Takara sisters, Milky and Pinky grew up in a magical place called Pony Land in Neighgoya, Japony. Their love for fashion was unsurpassed from an early age. They would often play with their next door neighbor and best friend, Kimono, and host dress parties during their special time together! Quite often, Kimono found herself their dress-up doll, though she didn’t mind too much, and never once complained.


However, the sisters, nor Kimono herself could’ve ever forseen that their time would be cut short. Kimono was told by her parents that they were moving away. Though distraught and visibly shaken by the abrupt news that their friend had brought them, Milky and Popo gifted Kimono with a very special charm bracelet that would forever remind her of their irreplaceable friendship. Kimono promised them that they would meet again someday, and was seen off with tears in her eyes.


Determined to someday meet up with their beloved friend and keep Kimono’s precious promise, the Pinky and Milky set a goal to open up a fabulous fashion boutique called the Omekashi House (Dress Up House), in hopes that the sales would get them on their way to visit their dear friend. They were spurred on all the moreso by the postcards that Kimono frequently sent, detailing her new life in the outskirts of Ponyville, as the keeper of precious Pony legend and lore.


Finding that the money from making fashion for ponies wasn’t cutting it, as they had hoped, Pinky realized that more drastic measures had to be taken. After consulting Milky, the two decided to close shop and rebrand it into a cafe in which they would sell sweet treats and snacks of all sorts. They quickly found that their best selling item was their PheNOMNOMenoms. It was all too soon that they became known around town by their equally sweet nicknames of “Marcie Pan” for Pinky and “Fawn Doo” for Milky, according to their own special skills.


Eventually, once they had the necessary funds saved, they sold their business and set off to Ponyville. They were so eager to see their old friend, Kimono again that Pinky has accidentally gotten plane tickets to what they soon realized was the wrong town of Ponyville! The sisters found themselves in a strange place called Equestria, with no friends, family, or means to get back to Neighgoya or to the Ponyland where Kimono was. Frustrated, the two had no other choice but to borrow a loan from a friendly businessman named Filthy Rich, and start back at square one. They acquired a small cart with the help of a knowledgeable farmer and salespony named Applejack- a partner in business to Filthy Roch, and opened up a new business selling their PheNOMNOMenoms from Ponyville square.


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