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Animation Could the Loud House dethrone Spongebob?


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I doubt it. Spongebob Squarpants is Nickelodeon's powerhouse. There are some good videos on YouTube explaining why the show will likely continue to being such. I recommend checking them out.

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It depends. I am surprised Spongebob has yet to be canceled by Nickelodeon as cartoons welcome in the 2020s. In fact, Spongebob SquarePants is the only cartoon show from the 1990s that's still making new seasons and episodes.

If Spongebob ever ends, I imagine millions of people from all over the world watching the series finale and Spongebob himself deliver a speech thanking everyone for all the memories and reflect on how fast time has passed since it first aired. 

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While it may not seem super likely right now, I think that it actually has somewhat of a chance at doing so, even if it isn't super likely.  Given how well received it was from critics and audiences from the get go, how much Nickelodeon has pushed it so far, the fact that it is getting both a theatrical released movie and a spin-off series, The Loud House has enough going for it that if Spongebob were ever to lose popularity, such as if the third movie turns out to be a critical and or financial failure, I can see it becoming Nick's new golden show.

While it may seem unlikely, and at this point in time I don't see it happening just yet, it's not like there isn't precedent for something like this happening.  Just look at how Spongebob replaced Rugrats as Nick's flagship show.


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I think it will, but it will take a couple of years or so. Since the creative mind and the driving force behind SpongeBob died last night, I think morale will probably be lower and the episodes will take a dive in quality. Eventually Loud House will be higher up than SpongeBob regardless if the triggered right wing soccer moms don't like the gay couple or not, with that in consideration. My guess is it will likely be after 2020 when it happens.

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