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Great Star Unicorn and Pegasus

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The Great Star Unicorn and Pegasus are mentioned in the g1 comic "Moonstone's Midnight Adventure", and are only seen and mentioned in this comic (unfortunately). The Great Star Pegasus seems to be the guardian of the diamond mountain that is hidden in the Milky Way, so that others would mistake the diamonds for glittering stars. On the other hand, the Great Star Unicorn is the guardian of the special hidden planet with seven moons, where the Moonstone Mines are located. Both of these great star equines offer some of their jewels to the Comet Crownmaker (a very old unicorn who rides around the galaxy in a comet), who makes a new crown for g1 Majesty.


I'd love to see what more these great celestial horses are capable of, or if they'd ever get mentioned in some form of g4 media. In my most recent theory/headcanon, the great Star Unicorn is responsible for creating the (prototype) "Fancy Swirl" / Galaxy ponies of g1, giving authority to the Nyx of g4 to create and guard the dreams of little ponies, before Nightmare Moon learned how to from them, and creating a pony out of the stars of the stellar nursery in Orion that became the toyline exclusive, g4 Star Dreams.

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