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End of Year Events

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Since November will have a few things kick off and December has its own events, I figured I would call this End of Year and call it good. Events have been going around here for a few months now, and we are going to end the year with a massive explosion of activities. I am going to suggest that you pay close attention to the calendars, the Events Forum, and the Making Christmas Merrier forum. You may want to follow the later as it will be VERY busy if we are lucky with generosity, Anyway, here are the events that you all can look forward to as we wrap up 2018!



Ocarina of Time Anniversary - a mini celebration of one of the most seminal gaming experience of that generation. 

MLPF Pony World Cup - Quarter Finals begin and we find out who the Top Four Teams will be as we head into the new year

Making Christmas Merrier VI - This is a month long Event with dozens of things going on. Prepare your holiday cheer!



Making Christmas Merrier VI continues through this month - This is a month long Event with dozens of things going on. Prepare your holiday cheer!

Hearth's Warming Helper - Poniverse will be hosting a real life Secret Santa where you can exchange gifts with others in our community. Stay tuned for details. Listing all the events that may happen here would be insane. 

35th Anniversary of My Little Pony Celebration - A small retrospective on the origins of pony including a new badge, a celebration thread, watching old school Pony with others online, and a banner contest. 

December Art Contest 

A Kirin's Tale Event - I would say more but ... silence is golden. ;)

Winter Solstice - Luna returns as we celebrate the onset of winter! 




This is going to be a busy close to the year and we look forward to closing it out in style with you guys. :D




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So hyped for these events!

and badges

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It looks like my event kicks things off so hopefully everyone is ready to experience arguably one of the greatest video games of all time.

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