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Omigoshomigoshomigoshomigosh!!! :twismile:

Image result for omigosh rainbow dash gif

Really? I didn't even think it was that good, compared to the others... :-D To be honest, I thought my art wouldn't even survive the voting. There was some pretty high quality banners out there. :mlp_please:

But still, WOW, I didn't think my banner would win... :ticking:

This was literally what I was thinking when I saw the results...


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Congrats to you @Midnight Solace! All of these banners were worthy of going up, but its yours that captured the most hearts, including my own. :-D

Well done!

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12 hours ago, Midnight Solace said:

I didn't think my banner would win... 

As Luna herself had to learn: You have a talent to make things that bring joy to others, and you should cherish the moments that talent is recognized.

And to have your work represent our little corner of the fandom as it cheers for the anniversary of our beloved pony stories?  

*hugs*  Great things, fellow Ponyite - great things indeed.  Gratulations of the con variety to you.  :mlp_yeehaa:

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