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Just now, Lucky Bolt said:

Anyone’s guess. :orly:

Ooooo a guessing game. I guess that it was an aggressive poke soooo....

You better be on your best behaviour, since I've got my belt out :sealed:

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1 minute ago, Kyoshi said:

*boops* @Kyoshi

And yeah it crashes google when I try to tag so many people at one time, so I don;t do it myself

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38 minutes ago, Kyoshi said:

Hooooooooooooooow daaaaaaaaaaaaaaare youuuuuuuu hug me....You hugged me before I could hug you! I am right miffed. :P


*Bleh* :P




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This has been a long time coming hug  

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This was meant for the counting thread, but for serendipity's sake it's staying! :umad:

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