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Gaming Favorite/Least Favorite Mario Party Mini Games

Snow Frostflame

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Mario Party needs no introduction, it is one of the greatest party games of all time, and most people have played at least one of them. That being said which is your favorite and least favorite mini games from the series? Give as much detail, or no detail as you'd like.

Most of my picks... if not all are GCN titles, since I played the GCN Mario Parties more than N64 and Wii.

-Dungeon Duos
-Hotel Goomba
-Mario Mechs
-Long Claw of The Law
-Team Treasure Trek
-Snow Brawl
-Tricky Tires
-Ghost in The Hall

As for least favorite

-Pop Star
-Clean Team
-Makin' Waves
-Hop or Pop
-Chain Chomp Fever
-Bubble Brawl
-Bowser's Lovely Lift
-All mic mini games

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  • Blame it on the Crane
  • Bowser's Bigger Blast
  • Deck Hands
  • Dungeon Duos (probably my favorite overall)
  • Flower Shower
  • Handy Hoppers
  • Trace Race

And with the exception of Balloon Busters I never really cared much for the mic minigames

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  • Snow Whirled (MP6)
  • Rocky Road (MP6)
  • Sky Pilots (MP2)
  • Dungeon Duos (MP4)
  • Lift Leapers (MP6)
  • Speed Hockey (MP2)
  • Ground Pound Down (MP5)
  • Aces High (MP3)
  • Long Claw of the Law (MP4)
  • Vine With Me (MP3)
  • Speeding Bullets (MP9)
  • Hotel Goomba (MP5)


  Least Favourites:

  • Cast Aways (MP1)
  • Paddle Battle (MP1)
  • Cheep Cheep Chase (MP3)
  • Cheep Cheep Sweep (MP4)
  • Vicious Vending (MP5)
  • Bowser Toss (MP3)
  • Tricky Tires (MP6)
  • Balloonatic (MP7)
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