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Best focus episode per character?

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* Lesson Zero is my favorite Twilight episode cause of how much work she puts into what she does, and it could be very relatable! 

* Pinkie Pride is my favorite Pinkie episode because of Weird Al pretty much! :3 But if we're talking about favorite Pinkie episode because of Pinkie, I was impressed with Pinkie Apple Pie cause of her making best of a bad situation and really teaching the Apples that too!

* Wonderbolt Academy is my favorite Rainbow episode cause it really showed her leader skills and her will to sacrifice her dream for what she believes in! Really showed her at her best!

* Rarity Investigates is my favorite Rarity episode cause of her showing how much eye for detail she has in helping her friend out of a bad situation! Really kept her cool, really shined in there! 

* A Health of Information is my favorite Fluttershy episode cause of her going out of her way to cure her sick friend after being partially responsible for it - to the point she'd never even sleep! Plus alot of cool new Equestria lore!

* Perfect Pear is my favorite AJ episode cause of obvious reasons!

* Times They Are A Changeling is my favorite Spike episode cause he was the only one willing to give a changeling a chance when no one else would! Thorax was an outsider to his species just like Spike is with his! If only this was more touched upon.

* No Second Prances is my favorite Starlight episode cause of her friendship with Trixie being absolutely clever! 

* Hearth's Warming Club is my favorite Student 6 episode cause of learning a bit about their homes and of course the clever plot-twist in there!

* Discordant Harmony for Discord cause of how much he's willing to change just to impress his closest friend!

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Lesson Zero may be the go-to Twilight Sparkle episode, but Once Upon A Zeppelin is my favorite because it shows both her greatest strengths and weaknesses. She's generally selfless and wants to make everyone she cares for be happy, but she also does so at her own expense at times.

For Rarity, Sisterhooves Social is the episode that best displays her more heartfelt and less vain tendencies. 

A Health of Information is Fluttershy's best showcase for all the reasons you listed.

For Rainbow Dash, The Washouts demonstrates how much she's grown and matured.

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Twilight - Amending Fences
Applejack - Perfect Pear
RD - Wonderbolts Academy
Rarity - Rarity Takes Manehattan
Fluttershy - A Health of Information
Pinkie Pie - Pinkie Pride

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Twilight: Amending Fences. Ultimately, choosing to head to her dorm over Moondancer's party led her to her best outcome, but what about the potential for collateral damage? Turned out it was massive. Moondancer tried to open herself up more, but by rejecting her party, Moondancer devolved into a recluse. This episode forced Twilight to learn a really painful lesson, one in which she wouldn't have accepted had she not grown previously.

Pinkie Pie: Party of One. This episode excellently examines Pinkie's altruism, both a massive strength and curse, and how her friendship's affected when she forgets her birthday.

Applejack: The Perfect Pear. Do I need to explain what makes MLP's greatest episode so special? :POutside of it, The Mane Attraction is glorious in subverting one key expectation. All series, AJ's stubbornness is treated as her prominent flaw; this is the only one to date to write it as a strength.

Rarity: Rarity Takes Manehattan. While Suited for Success is the better episode, RTM does more justice in exploiting a major caveat of her characterization: What if someone knowingly takes advantage of her generosity for cruel purposes? Here, Suri manipulates Rarity and plagiarizes her line with complete pride, making her question her generous worth. Justified he may be in her anger, taking it out on her friends was dead wrong.

Fluttershy: Hurricane Fluttershy. Fluttershy has to battle back a crippling phobia, triggered by all the ponies laughing at her for struggling during the first fly-through trial.

Rainbow Dash: The Washouts. Despite sharing the spotlight with Scootaloo, she is the leading protagonist. Confalone marvelously tackles two character flaws traditionally used to demean her — her ego and pride — while simultaneously not making her out as the bad guy. The transition to concern for Scoot's safety is genuine and flows seamlessly; it's up to her to make Scoot see it through Dust's manipulation.

Spike: Times. This episode is Bridle Gossip done correctly. Despite being the episode's antagonists, Shining, Cadance, Twi, SG, and the empire army's racism towards changelings is plausible due to past events from ACW. Being a dragon, Spike endured racism and xenophobia himself and embraced dragonhood again, so it makes sense for him to first embrace changelings. His song is also S6's best.

Starlight: Uncommon Bond. Road to Friendship's better, but this episode shows magnificent nuance in her growth and overcoming a troubling obstacle. Watching her become discouraged in the background as Sunburst bonds more with her friends is crushing, but she showed a great deal of patience, demonstrating growth from ELTSD and A Royal Problem. Does she go too far in her spell? Yes. But because she's so desperate in bonding with him, we sympathize with her.

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@everyone don't get me wrong, 'The Perfect Pear' is a wonderful episode, but it is far from being an AJ focused episode.

My favorite focused episode per character:

* Edit: I liked the idea of mentioning runner ups in the comment below and I'm adding mine.

Twilight Sparkle: Amending Fences. - Runner ups: Lesson Zero, Once Upon a Zeppelin.

Applejack: The Last Roundup. - Runner ups: Leap of Faith, Honest Apple.

Rarity: It Isn't the Mane Thing About You. - Runner ups: Sweet and Elite, Canterlot Boutique. 

Rainbow Dash: Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3. - Runner ups: Read It and Weep, Newbie Dash.

Fluttershy: A Health of Information. - Runner ups: Stare Master, Hurricane Fluttershy.

Pinkie Pie: Not Asking for Trouble. - Runner ups: Too Many Pinkie Pies, Pinkie Pride. 

Starlight Glimmer: Uncommon Bond. - Runner ups: No Second Prances, To Where and Back Again. 

Mane 6 as a group: The Best Night Ever. - Runner ups: The Return of Harmony, Best Gift Ever.

CMC as a group: Crusaders of the Lost Mark. - Runner ups: Ponyville Confidential, Marks for Effort.

Applebloom: On Your Marks. - Runner up: Bloom and Gloom. 

Scootaloo: The Washouts. - Runner up: Sleepless in Ponyville.

Sweetie Belle: For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils. - Runner up: Forever Filly. 

Spike: Gauntlet of Fire. - Runner ups: Princess Spike, The Times They are a Changeling.

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Added runner ups.
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Twilight Sparkle: I still favour Lesson Zero, because I find her anxieties there very relatable and really enjoy the hyperbolic, sort of terrifying way they're presented. The key to Twilight's character is that she expects way more of herself than anyone else does. All of the mane six are terrified of failure, but Twilight's own expectations lead her to greater extremes than the others. Other episodes have featured those same qualities, but I don't think any of them have quite the same wit.

Runners-up: Twilight's Kingdom and A Flurry of Emotions

Rarity: I feel almost guilty for picking Rarity Investigates!, which (for better and for worse) downplays her vanity while placing much greater emphasis on her generosity. It doesn't emphasize her insecurities or character flaws at all, but I just think she's incredibly charming in this episode, and it really emphasizes the extroverted, assertive aspects of her personality. She's cultured but not pompous, opinionated but not insensitive. It helps that I find that episode to be one of the show's most consistently funny and stylish. 

Runners-up: Rarity Takes Manehattan and Suited for Success

Applejack: The Last Roundup is, like Lesson Zero, mostly about the fear of failure. Like Rarity's, I feel almost guilty naming that one, because Applejack isn't the character we see the most of in it, but I think it finds the perfect balance between her stubbornness and her insecurity. She's insistent on winning the ribbon because she's afraid of disappointing those in her hometown, especially since she wants the cash prize to repair the town hall. It's not just that she has both selfish and selfless motivations; it's that those motivations are inherently tied to each other and to her most significant insecurities. She's not just afraid to fail, she refuses to allow herself to fail. 

Runners-up: Leap of Faith and Fall Weather Friends

Rainbow Dash: Wonderbolts Academy finds Dash at her most sensitive, and I love how it uses little visual cues to inform the audience about her feelings. She's excited to be at the academy, and she's disappointed to be a wingpony, but throughout all of it she continues to take her training very seriously. That seems like a mature decision, and I like that we see her doing that and even putting up with Lightning Dust while still understanding how the whole situation bothers her. This doesn't feature her tendency to overcompensate, but Lightning Dust does serve as a strong reminder of what she could be like if her ego wasn't grounded in anxiety. Plus, her rapport with Lightning is just so much fun here. 

Runners-up: Rarity Investigates!, which only loses points because Dash is relatively passive in it, and Top Bolt

Fluttershy: What I love most about Hurricane Fluttershy is just how well it mirrors Fluttershy's own personality. In tone it's gentle and earnest, and all of its big emotional beats are conveyed with this melodramatic sweep which I find particularly empathetic and affirming. I love how hard she tries despite her own fears, and it always gets me when it doesn't amount to as much as she hoped. Mostly I just love how well this is paced: it's constantly building to either an emotional high or low, just to transition smoothly into the other one. It's because it holds on each of those beats until the last possible second that it has so much of an emotional effect on me, and the simple yet resonant push-and-pull between Fluttershy's fear and her determination is exactly the sort of thing this show is best at. 

Runners-up: A Bird in the Hoof and It Ain't Easy Being Breezies

Pinkie Pie: Pinkie Pride is just so effervescent and joyous. Putting Pinkie Pie against a Weird Al self-insert is such a foolproof concept that it almost seems uninspired, but the resulting frenzy is absolutely irresistible to me. And yet it's all grounded in Pinkie's very real fear of losing her reputation, which she hinges so much of her self-worth on. It's the same fear of abandonment which has motivated Pinkie off and on since season 1, and if it's been exaggerated here to an unnecessary level of pride, well, that's the point. This builds on her fears in a way which is sympathetic even if they're clearly out of control, and so it's really satisfying when she remembers what really matters. 

Runners-up: Party of One and Party Pooped

Spike: Probably Dungeons & Discords, which I just think is a lot of fun. I like how, despite interacting with Discord, he doesn't really provide a straight man for Discord to bounce off of. It's just all energetic goofiness, and it forces Discord to provide the reaction shots, in which case is there really a voice of reason at all? Goofy and delightful. 

Runners-up: The Times They Are a Changeling and Dragon Quest, both of which have admittedly deeper stories but which are slightly more flawed in my mind.

CMC: Together, it's almost certainly The Fault in Our Cutie Marks, which like Hurricane Fluttershy builds a lot of sympathy and tension despite being the absolute sweetest thing imaginable. I love how hard they try to help Gabby out despite knowing it's futile, and I really felt bad for them when they realized there was nothing else they could do. In turn, I loved Gabby's energy, and I loved how she realized what was up and tried her best to cheer the CMC up. It's just so cute.

I actually like For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils and Bloom and Gloom more, which alongside Sleepless in Ponyville just feel very authentic to realistic childhood anxieties to me, and boast a whole lot of really creative nightmare imagery. Bloom and Gloom in particular stands out for being so overtly symbolic. 

Runners-up: the trilogy mentioned above and The Cutie Mark Chronicles

Starlight: The Crystalling by far, even if Starlight's less distinctive in it than she would be later, just because it has a lovely down-to-earth quality in its first half which I wish this show would try more often in its two-parters. The dumb baby helps, too. And then in the second half, I love the presented moral that even someone who thinks they're a failure can do something brave and impressive. And, I dunno, I just like the idea of Starlight doubting her own redemption arc. Because at this point she hasn't done anything wrong, her self-pity is more sympathetic to me than it would be later, and if anything, it's presented as a bit of a problem here. She's so afraid of being judged that she can't actually work through her issues. 

Runners-up: To Where and Back Again and, oh dear, A Royal Problem

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