$250 Stretch Goal - Change a Staffers Name

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$250 Goal B - Staff Name Change / Giveaway Drawing




Another fun tradition that we have always had was the ability for a community member to troll a staffer and make them change their display name, title, and avatar for a week. This fun little tradition continues. How this works is that on Dec 24th (Hearth's Warming Eve) a live drawing will take place that will include numerous silly prizes. One of them is a name change ticket. For every $5.00 you donate you will receive your name added to the giveaway drawing. Some basic rules ... prizes cannot have material value ... so no physical prizes. Also unlike prior years prizes that have multiples can only be won once per donor. We wanted to spread the fun of things like the name change ticket. I can't go into further detail without giving away anything else coming down the line, but keep the donations coming folks. :D


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