$500 Stretch Goals Unwrapped

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Heaven help you all!


This was quickly achieved in rapid speed so I am pleased to announce the following gifts for reaching this amount. 


  • Staff Group Song (Specially selected Group Songs from the entire history of FiM) - You will vote for the song first then pick from various staff to sing the roles in the songs. 
  • Solo Song #2 -- Staff or Donor Sings a solo song from FiM Seasons 6-8 plus Movie) - Donors can volunteer to go on the poll! If you want to put yourself under the spotlight, here is your chance
  • Another name change ticket is added to the giveaway pool. 
  • Holiday Party on Discord! - Based on how much we enjoyed the Birthday Celebration, we figured we would throw a holiday themed party. Date and day will be majority chosen. 




$750 Goal coming soon. The polls for the above will be created as the previous one ends. We don't want to oversaturate the section with too many concurrent polls (#firstforumproblems). Again, thank you all for getting us to this point so quickly. 

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Well, here goes for now:


This is my lasting status. Sign me up for any non-staffer song type polls. If I don't get chosen and there's another on a different goal sign me up for that one too. The more songs the "Merrier" :applehat:

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