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FiM++ interpreter in C# (NetFiM)

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this is just a little thing i decided to do so i can brush up on my c# knowledge
it's stable enough that it can run the example codes that i've found on the wiki, deviantart and the google drive document (though some needed modifications).

if anypony's interested/curious or brave enough to look at my code and try to improve it, here's the Github repository link.
(also here's a Visual Studio Code syntax highlighter)

and here's info about FiM++
FiM++ Wikia
[Google Drive] Language Specification

and of course, a download link. (not stable!!1!)

criticism/feedback is welcome /)

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I liked how aggressive some of your comments are. I can't say I can approve of your sudden use of gotos at program.cs:476, but I'll give it a pass because it looks like you may have been edging on insanity in a few spots there. ^_^

I didn't know about moonsharp before, but it looks like a pretty useful tool. If I need something dynamic in C# like you did, I typically pull in Roslyn to compile dynamically generated C#Script. I'm not sure if there may or may not be any memory leaks there, I know I have to be careful when I do that stuff with Roslyn.

Overall though, nice work! Looks like a pain of a project. I've never been a fan of parsing text.

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