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Spend a day with a pony!


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I know, I know, the title is sort of clickbaity, but you see, I tried to make the subject into a question, but it would have always ended up being horrendously long. :mlp_please: I simply cannot think straight today, my darlings.

So, onto the topic at hand! If you could spend a day with a pony in Equestria, who would it be? What would you two do together? :fluttershy: Also, would you visit them as yourself as a pony, or as your OC, if you have one?

I would love to spend a day with Trixie! Her captivating, manipulative (in both good and bad ways), and her interesting personality is too much for me to pass the (fictional) opportunity up! :pinkie: Fight me, Trixie fans. :sneer: Ehh, I'm just kidding. Maybe. Oh, and I'm even thinking of writing a song called "Magic Trick", but that's another story altogether...

And you know the drill: keep your answers rated G. :derp:

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If I was able to spend a day with a pony in Equestria, then I would visit them as my OC. The pony I would spend the entire day with would be Starlight Glimmer. We would fly kites together, practice magic spells, play Dragon Pit, play video games and maybe cuddle together. 

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