Mane 6 shipping through time

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My questions to all shippers are:

How have your mane six ships evolved through time?


Which are your current main characters' ships?


My mane six ships through time are...

Twilight Sparkle

- TwiMac: 'Lesson Zero' and the Smarty Pants scene made me ship TwiMac for a really short time, until I watched 'Hearts and Hooves Day' and I started shipping CheeriMac.

- Twilestia: after TwiMac it took me a while to ship Twi again and during S3 (no particular episode) I realized that I kind of shipped her with Celestia, something that got strengthened after watching Magical Mystery Cure. I still like the ship a little, but it has fade away with the reception of newer (and IMO better) ships.

- TwiShimmer: until 'Rainbow Rocks' my Twi ships were just something I acknowledged, but not something I really cared about. That scene at EqG Pinkie's kitchen sold me the dynamic between Twilight and Sunset. In a way I still ship them, but since they are characters from separate franchises I was later drawn to...

- *SciSet: I separate the ships because of the clear differences between SciTwi and Princess Twilight. Maybe it was the fact that Sunset spends most of her time with her human friends, but it helps that Sunset's strong personality matches better (IMO) with a less confident SciTwi than with the almighty princess of friendship.

- Sunset Twiangle and TwiStarTrix: after watching Legend of Everfree, princess Twilight was left without a solid ship for me, so I supported her role as the third wheel of my faved ships SciSet and StarTrix.

- TwiBurst: after a good amount of time without a solid princess Twilight ship, 'Uncommon Bond'  came and I was immediately sold by the amazing chemistry between the best book nerds in Equestria (sorry Moondancer, you're one of them too...  but not part of this ship). Their interactions on 'Shadow Play' and 'The Parent Map' have only added fuel to my support of the ship and I really think Sunburst might be the best partner for Twilight Sparkle, should they become attracted to each other.

*This original post is long enough as it is, so I'll be adding my rest of ship evolutions and current shipping list in a later post.

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Flutterdash used to be my favorite when I first started now it's Twidash with SoarinDash and QuibbleDash closely followed

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I wouldn't say my ships evolved. I don't have many ships for the Mane 6, and when I do, they mostly stay constant.

Pinkie Pie: There was a time that I shipped her and Cheese Sandwich, but after Skystar was introduced, she and Pinkie has taken the spot of OTP. I don't know how to explain why I prefer them over PinkieCheese (something to do with their song, I know), which seems like a one sided crush. Again, I don't know why.

Twilight Sparkle: I ship her with Songbird Serenade, because they had these moments that focused on them looking at each other for some reason. I have a headcanon that Twilight had a celebrity crush on her when she was a teen.

Rarity: Definitely Capper. It's basically canon that they had some form of attraction towards each other. What kind of friends call each other "charming" and "a dazzling beauty"?

Fluttershy: Fluttercord is my oldest ship. They spend the most time with each other, Discord has shown that he cares more about Fluttershy than anyone else, and Fluttershy blushed that one time they hugged.

I don't have ships for Rainbow Dash or Applejack. Maybe that'll change in the future?

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Rainbow Dash

- *GilDash: never really supported the ship, but 'Griffon the Brush Off' made me think they had a romantic history together.

- FlutterDash: started liking their friendship a lot in 'May the Best Pet Win!' and I started shipping them after 'Hurricane Fluttershy', I loved how supportive was Rainbow Dash during the whole episode.

- QuibbleDash: definitely the best dynamic between Rainbow Dash and a stallion in my opinion, I love how they meet over one of the hidden traits of Dash (liking books). I also like how, at the end of the episode, they respect the hell out of each other and acknowledge their strong abilities as unique (Quibble's wits and Dash's physical skills). I think Quibble is the best match for Dash, but Quibble appearing in a single episode hinders their viability as time passes by.

- PinkieDash: before 'Secret and Pies' I hadn't noticed their friendship as shippy, but once I saw the episode, memories of them sharing moments (mainly Pinkie Pie being overly attached to Dash) came to me and I realized that their friendship was one of the most developed, considering how Dash avoided Pinkie at the beginning of S1. I still prefer QuibbleDash, but Pinkie earned her spot as the second best choice for Dash IMO.


- FlutterDash: explained in Rainbow's entry.

- FlutterCord: I must say that I didn't like the ship for a long time. But after watching 'Discordant Harmony' I started warming up to it and now, after watching 'Best Gift Ever', I think Discord is actually a great match for Fluttershy. I still don't fully support the ship, but should I have to choose a ship for Fluttershy Discord would be my current choice.

Pinkie Pie

- CheesePie: I didn't ship Pinkie Pie until I watched 'Pinkie Pride' which introduced one of the few ponies who can actually match Pinkie's energy, adding to it that Cheese Sandwich is also a party pony and my support to the ship was born.

- PinkieDash: explained in Rainbow's entry. 

- RutherPie: I liked their dynamic in 'Not Asking for Trouble' and after 'Best Gift Ever' I absolutely loved how trustful they have become to each other. I also like how prince Rutherford's serious facade and his prankish sense of humor work wonders while interacting with Pinkie Pie. I think their friendship stands in a place that could develop in a great romance.

Applejack and Rarity:

- Rarijack: I started liking their friendship and dynamic since 'Sisterhooves Social' and their inteactions started to build up amazingly during S3, by the time 'Simple Ways' came out I already shipped them and after 'Trade Ya' they became my favorite ship and it has only grown from then onwards. I really think they have the greatest slow burn relationship in the show and that they have the best friendship amongst the mane 6; some of us like to see it as romantic, some other people as completely platonic, but there's no doubt at all that their friendship is the most developed of all considering how they started and how they behave towards each other now.


My current ships of choice:

  • TwiBurst.
  • SciSet.
  • QuibbleDash.
  • Fluttercord.
  • RutherPie.
  • Rarijack. *favorite
  • StarTrix.
  • SpikeXEmber. *not as they are, but as a potential ship for Spike when he grows up.

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My ships have stayed fairly consistent as I'm still all in on Rarijack.

But I have grown fond of Raridash and Raritwi. Those can be blamed on Monochromatic. Her stories are so good. 

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What... Looks like Twilight is the most shippable pony. :D

Twidash 4 the win! :yay:

8 hours ago, shyabetes3939 said:

Sky Scraper (my ponysona) with Fluttershy. That's the only one that matters to me. :squee:

Is your ship's name Skyshy?

Hmm... I wonder what mine is with Twily...

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14 hours ago, Midnight Solace said:

Is your ship's name Skyshy?

Hmm... I wonder what mine is with Twily..

My ship name is ShyScraper! ^_^

I guess yours could be MidLight or TwiNight!

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16 hours ago, Midnight Solace said:

What... Looks like Twilight is the most shippable pony. :D

From my perspective she's the one with the most relevant relationships, without surprise as she's the main protagonist, and at the same time her closest relationships are at the same level (mane 6), or family and honorary family members (Spike, Shining Armor, Cadance, Celestia). That's why I've struggled so long to acknowledge an end-game ship for her.

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I didn't start watching the show until after Season 3 ended, so my ships haven't changed all that much. My disdain for inter-Mane Six ships especially will never dissipate. The friendship dynamic they have is too important to have it all ruined by the complications that come with romance.

That being said:

- I've always shipped Twilight with Sunset.

- Rainbow Dash and Vinyl Scratch is one of my favorite ships ever. The chances of any pony replacing Vinyl are increasingly slim.

- Same goes with Rarity and Octavia.

- I never had a ship for Pinkie until Amending Fences. That episode made Minuette a viable partner for her. Unless a more suitable pony is introduced in the near future, I'll stick with it (and FYI: I get the reasoning behind Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich. I just don't like how their color schemes clash with each other).

- I'm one of the few people who support Fluttershy with Tree Hugger. I am liking the idea of having her hook up with Autumn Blaze though. There just isn't enough to really convince me to make that switch yet. 

- Applejack has always been a hard one. At the moment, I'm putting her in a straight ship with Rockhoof, and even then, it's only by process of elimination. I don't know if I'm completely satisfied with it. At first, I wanted to ship her with Spitfire for no reason other than the two being established "tough girls". But ever since Season 4, I've found Spitfire with Daring Do much more appealing. And as much as I liked The Mane Attraction, there's something about Applejack and Coloratura that feels forced to me. 

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My favorite ships are....





Starlight x Trixie

Twilight x Flash Sentry



Applejack x Fluttershy

Rainbow Dash x Dumbbell

Starlight Glimmer x Sunset Shimmer

Sky Stinger x Vapor Trail 

Gallus x Silver Stream

Rarity x Fancy Pants

...and Applejack x Braeburn. :sealed:

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