How do I post blogs and Where do i go to post stories about my life?

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I'm new here and im trying to figure things out here. I looked at the blogs section and I saw some pretty cool blogs and I thought to myself that I wanted to post one as well, but I couldn't find the post blog click thing. I'm also wondering if their is a forum on where I can post some funny, scary, or weird encounter stories or is that as the same as the blog thing? I do need some help out here!

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@Phasereale Highly sure that you need to get to the muffins rank before you can post a blog. That would be 5 posts around on the forum. For life story, you can go into the Life Advice section when you reach the certain post count.

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At the top of the Blogs page, there should be the words "Create a new blog." This is the option to create your blog, and therefore post blog entries on it.

1. Go to the "Blogs" page.


2. Click "Create a new blog."


See? Easy. Oh yeah, and I think you need to reach muffin rank. To unlock the rank, you need at least 5 posts. Then the option would be available.

Hope this helps! :mlp_yeehaa:

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