General Questions How do i post a status update on my phone when im signed on?

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I've been trying to find the status update thing on my profile and I don't see it anywhere. I'm signed on through my phone and I can't find the status update thing on my phone. I've never had problems with this through my laptop, but I don't know how the status update thing works through the cell phone version of MLP Forums

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The option should be available nearly at the bottom of the page for mobile versions, it's easy to skip though:


The other option is to go into your profile page and post the status update from there. Or tick the "PC version" in the tab settings on your cellphone to use the PC MLPF on mobile.

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@Phasereale Normally, the box to post status updates is just below of your "activity" on your profule page as seen on the picture below. Just scroll down a bit, and you would see it.


There is also another place to post status updates, and it's on the MLPF home page. It's near at the bottom, underneath the birthdays section. There would be a section for recent status updates, that kinda looks just like the birthday section. There would be a box has the words "What's on your mind?" Just another way to post status updates.


Also, if you don't see any of these boxes, I would recommend checking to see of status updates are enabled. Go to your profile, and tap on the pencil icon. This is to edit your profile.


You should see a slider that says, "Enable status updates?" Underneath the birthday info.


If it's turned off, maybe that's the problem.

Hope this helps! :mlp_yeehaa:

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