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$1000 Stretch Goals Unwrapped

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$1000 Goal - New Emoticons / Reactions / More





Stretch Goal Prize A - Nominate and vote on new Character Emoticon! 


A thread will be created where the community can nominate a character that will be added to out emoticon collection. This can be any character that has appeared in FiM or Equestria Girls. Once the nominations are collected a poll be to done to have the community pick a new emoticon as a group. The emoticon would be permanent. 


Stretch Goal Prize B - Nominate and vote on new Reaction Set! 

This is basically the same as the the above, but the focus would be on a character set or a theme set of reactions. Until the emoticon these would only be up for a month total (only being paused during specific events). Nominations followed by a poll. 


Stretch Goal Prize C - Emoticon Pick giveaway. 

One lucky donor will be selected to pick another new permanent emote. If you like an obscure character from FiM here is your chance to make them a permanent part of MLPF. 


Stretch Goal Prize D - Holiday Classic Song

The winner of this poll will be able to sing their favorite holiday song for this year's song collection.  Doesn't matter if it is Pony or Non-Pony. If it is your favorite, it's yours to sing


And yet another name change ticket. :D


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Oh, come now... we ALL know what sort of 'character set' we all WANT to see...


... riiiiiiiight!?


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10 hours ago, Holly Jolly Ody said:

I could use another Derpy emoticon :derp:

...buuuuut the OP said a new character so no Derpy emoticon

Oh! New as in “an addition too”. It can be an existing character we have already in the emoticon library or a character we don’t have. 

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