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Best Gift Ever - Triple Pony Dare Ya


Best Gift Ever - Triple Pony Dare Ya  

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A new short has appeared on Hasbro's channel. Any talk about the leaks that have been circulating is allowed but do not post any of the leaks or they will be immediately removed.


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Not the best pony-related thing I've ever seen, but still a nice little short! I wish we had more of these during the hiatus (also more shorts with ponies in addition to EqG). :rarity:

Pinkie being Pinkie! :laugh: And I know I've said it before, but Rainbow Dash is really cute in her winter clothes! :wub:

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Hadn't seen this official thread before, so I'll post my same thoughts here.


I'll have to say that, even when I'm already fed up with the 'rivalry' between AJ and Dash, I found most of the short funny. The apple bucking and slow flying dares were particularly nice ones for me.

The last part, when AJ complaints about how Dash wasn't being fair with her dares, made me facepalm. Compare this to the original rivalry episode for a moment, AJ saw Rainbow Dash cheating with her wings and took it like a good sports since technically they hadn't set a 'no wings' rule and only complaint about it when Rainbow continued to showboat her triumph. This short has both AJ and Dash daring each other with very difficult challenges, but nothing impossible or out of the rules, and I need to remark that it was both of them who set extremely difficult dares for the other, not only Rainbow Dash.

The established character of AJ is thrown away for a moment just to raise stakes which didn't need to be raised for Pinkie's punchline to work. Not cool for a writer who already did the same thing in the worst FiM episode ever.

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2 hours ago, Mirage said:

Nose boop. :ticking:

I always want AJ to win between those two for some reason...


Because, Applejack is Best Pony? :mlp_toldya:


2 hours ago, shyabetes3939 said:

Same! :mlp_yeehaa: I've always liked Applejack more than Rainbow Dash, to be honest.


Same! :mlp_yeehaa:

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Here's what I posted elsewhere:

That first one felt kinda basic to me. I mean it's moderately amusing but it seems to lack the creativity of the best Equestria Girls shorts; that show actually managed to do a conceit pretty similar to this one a lot better. I think, because these characters are so firmly established, the writers should really stretch themselves to come up with unusual ideas for shorts. The other two seem kinda promising because of that, because at least they're not just a season 1 episode repeated; it seems like every new batch of My Little Pony writers cares less and less about the dynamic between Applejack and Rainbow Dash. 

I'm hopeful for this format, though, because I loved the first season of the Equestria Girls series so much and I'd love for Friendship is Magic to be similarly free to indulge in comedy and cuteness. 

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The thing is, though, Pinkie technically didn't win because no pony dared her back. 

@bigbertha I agree, I really wish the whole competitiveness thing between Rainbow and Applejack would kind of fade away or at least just not be the center focus of anything else moving forward. Probably the 2nd best/worst short in my eyes, only because I thought that 'The Great Escape Room' showed Pinkie really lacking all her character development and just being oblivious to her friends feelings. 

I feel like I'm being a bit harsh on these shorts, as they are only around 2 min.

But still, even with its flaws, this short was cute, sweet, and nice. 


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On 12/11/2018 at 8:12 PM, Midnight Solace said:

Does nopony like Dashie anymore? I guess I'm the only one who wanted Rainbow to win between those two... :blush:

AJ's hat has a name? What's a Tallulah?

I like Rainbow Dash, I want her to win, always.


That said, I do not like this short. I want to like it, it's new Rainbow Dash footage to me after finally catching up on the show. But I just don't. The rivalry is done better in Fall Weather Friends and Castle Mane-ia or even just as an off-hand glimpse in Party of One. This short is not as vile as Non-Compete Clause, but it's still annoying to no satisfying end. Rainbow knows how to wait in line even if she doesn't like it (cider season episode) and she sure knows how to fly slow since she has to do it ALL THE TIME to keep pace or wait with her friends. I don't recall ever seeing any earth ponies using a shovel to dig through ice the way Applejack suggested either. Pinkie Pie had a whole skate team in season 1 to break ice, which I'm led to believe is something Rainbow would be capable of because of Tanks for the Memories where she's mentions horse hockey as something she's looking forward to doing. Applejack could probably last a bit longer without her hat too.

About the most I got out of this short was watching RarityDash reacting and saying Rainbow looked good in that hat, and me thinking, yeah, I guess he has a point, that's cute. Here's a vector of it I found on Deviantart by the way: https://www.deviantart.com/famousmari5/art/Rainbow-wearing-AJ-s-hat-776388724

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I dunno--some of these aren't really dares.  A dare has to be either something embarrassing, or not doing something that the person (or pony) just has to do.  Like the line one and the hat one--those are dares.  But some of the others were just a skill based thing.  Like the snowball balancing thing.  What was that?  That's not a dare.  It's just a challenge to see if she's skilled enough to do it.  That's not really what a dare is.  I mean, that would be like playing Truth or Dare, and for the dare you say, "I dare you to change your car tire in under 60 seconds flat."  WTF?!  That's not a dare!  A dare goes like this: "Rainbow Dash, I dare you to walk into Mr. & Mrs. Shy's house right now, walk right into Zephyr Breeze's room (probably while he's playing f*ckin' Fortnite) walk right up to him, and plant a big, fat kiss on his mouth."  THAT'S  f*ckin' dare, dude.

Props to Ponk for pwning their asses, though.

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