Snow Wars!

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Hmpf! Naturally I know something, ye only may guess about! *smirks juggling a few normal size snowballs... of Black Hole mass each!*



Yeehaw! *launches one at the competing in snowball size @Sparklefan1234 @Luna's Admirer @Arc Flash @Twilight Luna*

*throws a few normal ones at @Catpone Cerberus @Jade Fire @Fluttershy Friend @Longhaul @Mirage @Yoye Wolfgrel @CypherHoof @TheRockARooster*

*adds a fluffy snowball for @Deae Rising Shine~*

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@Merry Brony 2A was awoken by a rumble and shaking of his castle. "Alert," said the computer warning system. "Base under attack."

He jumped out of bed and ran to the computer. "Triangulate attack. Yes, I see. It is from @Tacodidra curses! Launch counter attack." He watched the red dots on the screen leave his castle. Snow missiles, aimed right at @Tacodidra "Have a white Hearthswarming, mwahaha!"

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*looks at @Tacodidra New cute target in my total snow war?:mlp_ooh: Excellent!:ticking: *throws a snowball at @Tacodidra *:mlp_nom:

*takes a look at blue princess who writes something passionately with her tongue sticked out and ruffianly throws in her direction snowball*:applecutehat:



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