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Gaming Anyone Play Classic Game Consoles on CRT TV's?


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My current setup:

  1. Hitachi CRT TV with component, s-video, and composite inputs
  2. Sega Genesis/CD - RGB SCART to Component conversion. I found the picture quality boost to be worth it. Much better than composite.
  3. RetroN2 - S-video and composite (for NES part)
  4. Playstation 2 - Component (temporarily using composite cable, since my component cable died)

Overall, I really like how the games look on a CRT tv. I've tried these consoles on modern LCD's but didn't like the look and motion blur. Anyone else use these older TV's for classic game consoles?

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Several rainboom years ago I use to have  super poninedo but I sold it !

the magical games I loved I use to have were F-ZERO, MEGAMAN-X, MAXIMUM CARNAGE (THAT GAME WAS A BITCH TO BEAT) , ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS, LAWNMOWER MAN based on the movie! Warlock based on a movie, Donkey Kong country, super Mario world, Teenage mutant  ninja turtles, AHHH REAL MONSTERS!!!., LEGEND OF ZELDA A LINK TO THE PAST, SUPER MARIO ALL STARS with the secret hard lost levels then last one Kirby's dream land superstars.

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